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Nisarg storm may also create havoc in Madhya Pradesh, Indore,Ujjain division will have maximum effect.



A storm emerging from the Arabian Sea can cause havoc in Madhya Pradesh as well. Most of the storm will be seen in western Madhya Pradesh. PK Shah, senior meteorologist at Bhopal Meteorological Center, says that the effect of the storm has started to appear in the state and 10 cm rainfall has been recorded in Sardarpur of Dhar.

With this, due to the impact of the cyclone, rain in various districts of Indore and Ujjain divisions is continuously stopped. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum impact of the storm will be seen in Indore, Ujjain division where heavy to very heavy rains are likely.

Shah says that the impact of natural storm has started appearing in Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal and Hoshangabad divisions in western Madhya Pradesh and it is likely to reach the state around June 4-5. The storm is expected to witness heavy to very heavy rain with a speed of 70 to 80 km. Due to the storm, a period of rain has started in western Madhya Pradesh.

The impact of the advancement of natural storm, including Indore, Ujjain and Bhopal and other parts of the state Has started appearing in He says that the Meteorological Department is monitoring the storm. In many districts of Bhopal and Indore divisions, clouds have gathered in the sky, due to which the mercury has also fallen, giving people relief from the scorching heat.


Meerut private hospital sealed for offering fake corona negative report.



The Meerut chief medical officer ordered an investigation based on a video showing an employee making such an offer.

The licence of a private hospital in Meerut district has been suspended after a video showing its staff member providing fake Corona report in return for money, went viral on the social media.

Anil Dhingra, District Magistrate, Meerut, said, “A video had gone viral in Meerut. We have registered a case in this regard and we have suspended the licence of the nursing home. We have also sealed it on Sunday. Strict action will be taken against anybody who does like this.”

In the video, the staff member can be heard saying that the medical facility will provide a Corona negative report for Rs 2,500.

Meerut Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Raj Kumar said, “A man from the hospital can be heard saying that he can arrange Corona negative report and the patient can get his operation done. We have identified the man and a FIR has been registered.”

The video also shows the ‘clients’ giving Rs 2,000 to the hospital manager and promising to pay the remaining Rs 500 when the report arrives.

Kumar said, “From the video, it has emerged that the hospital’s manager, Shah Alam, is promising people a fake COVID-19 negative report in exchange for money.”

Notably, Meerut has reported a total of 1,117 cases so far, out of which 69 died and 772 recovered.

UP has recorded a total of 28,061 cases — 785 deaths and 18,761 recoveries — so far.

With a maximum of 2,785 positive cases reported till Sunday, Gautam Buddha Nagar was on the top of the state’s COVID-19 list. Ghaziabad, with 2,224 cases, stood at the second position followed by Lucknow with 1,448 cases, Kanpur Nagar with 1,364 cases and Agra with 1,291 cases.

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