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This Kerala shop is offering customized face masks with people’s face printed on it.



Are you worried about the fact that your loved ones won’t recognize you while you wear a mask amid the novel corona virus pandemic? Well, that problem has been taken care of now.

A photographer in the quaint town of Kottayam in Kerala appears to have solved this issue for the rest of the world. Binesh Paul, who has his studio in Ettumanoor, can make a mask for you that will feature your face and everyone can recognize you.

“During the lock down, everyone was wearing a mask. When I went to the nearby store, they couldn’t recognize me. So, I was also worried. How can we identify people? I have a studio where I print t-shirts and mugs. I thought of doing the same for masks,” Binesh said.

Binesh’s family has been in the photography business for almost 55 years. Earlier, it was Binesh who made tiny, compact wedding albums which were a rage and now his face masks are also hit in God’s own country.

Binesh said that it initially took a while to take off but in less than a week of introducing it, he has already sold 3,000 masks and has another 5,000 orders.

“From kids to 75-year-olds, all are asking for masks. For kids, we are doing some cartoon characters and the elders want their own faces on the masks. Youngsters want their helmet designs and women want saree designs,” he said.

A photograph of the customer is taken and only the portion that a mask covers is edited out. That half of the face is printed on an A4 paper. Using sublimation technology, the image is printed on the mask and all this is done in 15 minutes.

“This is pretty unique and one of a kind. I can be recognized by many people wearing this mask rather than a plain mask,” Phino Babu, a satisfied customer, said.

The masks sold at Binesh’s studio are dual-layered with faces imprinted on them. They are sold for Rs 60. Binesh is now planning to incorporate triple layer and N95 masks as well.

“I think the mask is pretty cool and it’s a rage in Kottayam. There is a problem of not getting recognized and I heard this place does this and went there right away,” Jacob Jaise, a college student from Kottayam who bought a mask from Binesh, said.

Binesh’s masks are now quite famous and he has orders from Kuwait and USA as well. He didn’t have any business during the nationwide corona virus lock down and the studio remained shut but with the increasing demand for these masks, he hopes to bridge the gap soon.

With masks being the new normal, here’s a photographer ensuring that you wear one with a smile.

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Vikas Dubey made Chambal ravines his hideout




Vikas Dubey, a history sheeter who brutally murdered eight policemen in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, is still far from being arrested by the police. Hundreds of police teams are looking for him. At the same time, SSB has also been alerted on the state’s border with Nepal but no clue is available.

Meanwhile, the former DGP of UP, Vikram Singh said that the way the last location of Vikas Dubey has been traced in Auraiya, then it is very likely that he has caught the path of Chambal’s rugged route through Etawah. Agra can be reached through the rugged interior. After reaching Agra, it becomes easy to enter MP and Rajasthan.

In the case of notorious criminals, it is often seen that due to the setting, it becomes difficult for the two state police to become a co-ordinator or the other state police conducts a search operation to show themselves, but the criminal is hiding there.

Significantly, in the Bikeru village of Chaubepur, Kanpur, a bloody encounter took place between the police and Vikas Dubey’s gang on Thursday – Friday night. The police team reached Vikas Dubey’s raid here. Here Vikas Dubey along with his gang attacked the police, in which eight soldiers were martyred.

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