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Online class in Gorakhpur public school: teacher sacked for giving example of Pakistan.



  • Class four-A class teacher Shadab Khanam has done this strange act
  • The example is so objectionable that it is being considered as a conspiracy to brainwash children in Pakistan’s favor.
  • After the tough attitude of the parents, furious with this course material, the management said that the teacher will be sacked.

There are many examples of Pakistan’s Mahima Mandan in the post course material in Whats App group to explain the GNN public school online class. Class four-A class teacher Shadab Khanam has done this strange act. The example is so objectionable that it is considered a conspiracy to brainwash children in Pakistan’s favor.

After the stern attitude of the parents, furious with this course material, the management said that the teacher will be dismissed. Teachers are describing it as an act of mistaken innocence. Actually, online education is being conducted in the city’s public schools amidst lock down and corona crisis. For this, Whats App or webcast groups have been formed. On Friday, children of class four-A of GN National Public School were taught English online from the Whats App group.

Teacher Shadab Khanam posted posts to explain the meaning of Noun. Shortly after this post went viral on social media, the sensation spread. It was found that Shadab Khanam, an English teacher and class teacher, explained the meaning of Noun by giving examples of different facts of Pakistan. The PDF file provided by the teacher on Whats App group from her mobile number contained three different facts related to Pakistan.

In one, there was the fact of joining the Pakistan Army (I will join pak army) and in the other, Pakistan is our dear homeland. The third example mentioned the bravery of the Pakistani pilot Rashid minhas was a brave soldier.

The pandemonium created an uproar as soon as the parents got their hands on it. The parents made a written complaint to the school management of the matter on Whats App and accused the children of imposing an anti-national mindset. Parents allege that nationalism is not being instilled in children, but rather by teaching English noun, children are being brainwashed in favor of Pakistan.

Children’s mind is very soft. In such a case, there has been a desperate attempt to instill an anti-national mindset in them. This act falls under the category of sedition. The teacher should be arrested and sent to jail. The continuation of such teacher in school is not good for the future of children. Shadab Khanam is the administrator of the Whats App group of children. There are 40-50 children in this group.

Shadab Khanam’s distinction of Pakistan’s Mahima Mandan was revealed when he studied online. Even though the teacher is innocently admitting the mistake, it cannot be considered a normal case. An in-depth investigation is necessary. It should be seen that how was the teacher’s reading and learning during offline studies? Did the brainwash of children go on long ago? Parents are also demanding this. He says that there may be a big conspiracy behind this incident.

Seeing a person’s ability makes him a part of the school family. It is very difficult to find out what is going on in his mind. The teacher had reported a misleading example on Whats App group. The matter has been found correct in the investigation. Teachers are also accepting mistake, but this does not correct wrongdoing. Immediate notice has been issued to the teacher. There is no place in the school for any teacher who dissolves poison in the soft minds of children. His salary will be dismissed, he will be dismissed from school. This action will become the norm for other teachers-Gorakh Singh, Director GN National School.
The study material and examples were copied from the Internet and put on Whats App group for children. It happened only due to human error. My intention was not to increase the anti-national mindset in the minds of children and never will. Born here, grew up here Proud to be an Indian. I have been teaching in school for 11 years. For example, the study material was copied and inserted, but could not see it. This was the biggest mistake. I was getting late for class. Most apologized on Whats App group. -Shadab Khanam, teacher


After WhatsApp Groups, User Phone Numbers Found In Google Search Results.



WhatsApp continues to be in the news for some wrong reasons. The messaging app has been attracting attention over the new privacy policy row. Now, phone numbers of WhatsApp web users have reportedly been found on Google Search. This comes a few days after it was reported that group chats have been exposed on Google Search. Users could simply search for the group on Google they want to join. The latest breach has leaked the phone number of WhatsApp’s web users, according to an report. Let’s take a look at the latest WhatsApp update issue to see if there are things you could do to avoid exposing your details online.

Details of WhatsApp’s Web users have leaked online. According to the a report, the messaging app has allegedly exposed the phone numbers of the web users on Google Search via indexing. This comes days after another report which stated that group chats have been exposed on Google Search.

Security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaria claims that the phone numbers of WhatsApp web users have appeared on Google Search. “If someone is using WhatsApp on a laptop or on an office PC, the mobile numbers are being indexed on Google Search. These are mobile numbers of individual users, not business numbers,” Rajaharia told IANS. The researcher also shared some screenshots with the publication.

WhatsApp, earlier today, announced that it is delaying its new policy by three months. The messaging app is doing so to help everyone understand its principles and the facts. “We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent update. There’s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,” it said. The messaging app also announced that no one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8. 

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