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32 people quarantined, Bride gifted corona in dowry.



On the third day of marriage, the bride turns out to be Corona positive. After which there was a stir. 32 people, including the groom, have been quarantined. This is the case of Mandideep of Bhopal. It is being said that the girl living in Jatkhedi had fever five days before her marriage. Took a medicine from the doctor of the neighborhood. Relieved from fever, the family sent an inquiry for a sample. Meanwhile, he got married before the report came. When she came to her in-law’s house after getting married, it was found that her report had come corona positive. After which there was a stir in the in-laws.

It is being told that the girl already living in Jatkheri was married to Mandideep’s youth. During this time both of them got married between lock downs. The bride has been admitted to AIIMS. After receiving the information, the Health Department team reached the bride and groom’s house and took a sample of the family members and sent them for investigation.

The bride was found corona positive in UP and Rajasthan too.

A similar case came up in Morena in UP. A few days before the wedding, the bride turned out to be Corona positive. After that the father-in-law was also found to be Corona positive .. The bride’s maternal and in-laws have been investigated. Earlier in Rajasthan too, the groom was stirred after the bride leaving Corona positive. A few days ago, the wedding took place in Chhatarpur in Azamgarh, UP. After which the groom went to Rajasthan with the bride. When both reached Rajasthan after getting married, they were tested.When the test report came, both were corona positive. Let me tell you that before this, many cases of bride and groom being corona positive after marriage have come up. Even in the midst of this corona crisis, marriage is taking place.


Actress Sunny Leone in white lehenga going viral on social media




Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is very active on social media; her photo videos often go viral on the internet. Now she has shared photos on her official Instagram, in which she is seen in a traditional look. Also, her open hair is adding beauty to his beauty. In this picture, she also carries a stylish bag with a white lehenga.

These pictures of actress Sunny are very much liked by her fans and so far more than 10 lakh people have liked these pictures of her.

Sunny Leone has a long list of fans on social media; she has more than 43 million followers on Instagram.

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