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CORONA CRISIS : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will talk to the Chief Minister of the states



Amidst the Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks with the Chief Minister of the state tomorrow. After the implementation of Lockdown 3.0, what is the current situation of the states will discuss with the Chief Minister.

During this time, he may also consider further strategies regarding lockdown. According to the information, this meeting of PM will be held at 3 pm on Monday through video conferencing.

Explain that this will be the fifth time when PM Modi will talk to the CMs of the states through video conferencing. On April 28, Prime Minister Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing for the fourth time amid the lockdown implemented in the country to combat the corona virus.

However, whether the lockdown will be increased amidst the ever increasing cases of corona in the country is a matter of discussion. How will the country fight Corona after May 17, this will be decided on Monday in Prime Minister Modi’s video conferencing with the Chief Ministers.

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Hindustani Bhau received death threats




Hindustani Bhau has received death threats from Pakistan. He himself has tweeted this information. Along with this, he has also tagged Home Minister Amit Shah, PM Modi and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. Bhau has also shared Pakistani numbers.

Talking about the threat received in his tweet, he said, “ISI Lt Col threatened to kill me and said that our people have reached your city.” This is the number that threatens me. +923473999300, +447754534324 |

Apart from this, Hindustani Bhau also tweeted another, in which he also tagged PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray.

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