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Keep these precautions while ordering food or other things from outside



Just a few days ago, after Corona got infected by a pizza delivery boy in Delhi, not only in Delhi but in the whole country there has been a panic situation. If sources are to be believed, the Bus Delivery Boy delivered pizza to 72 households in total. After which there is a fear inside the people of the whole country that somewhere those people who are ordering the goods from outside, may not even happen to all of them.

However, it is not at all that at the time of the corona virus crisis, there is a threat to food delivery. But due to some small facts, you can avoid it. Let us know how you will be able to protect yourself and your family from outside food or grocery.

As we all know that the necessary guidelines have been issued by the government to avoid the corona virus so that the risk of infecting someone else while preparing food and through containers or packages is very low. But this deadly virus can reach you through the delivery person.

Here are the things you have to remember:

First of all, remember that the person delivering the food delivery should not take the goods directly and keep it at a short distance from him.
Taking unattended delivery will not expose your hands to surfaces with viruses.
The second biggest thing is that if you are going out of the house to take anything, then on coming back, you should wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and sanitize well.

Apart from this, also clean the pockets from outside with a sanitizer or alhocal wipe.
After removing the food from the packet, immediately place it in a clean pot so that you do not come in contact with the germs of the packet.
Avoid touching anything unnecessarily.
If you are going to the market and packing food yourself, then make sure that there is proper distance from the people.
Wearing masks to prevent the virus from reaching your body through your breath.
Do not touch your face and mouth so that any kind of infection does not enter your body.

Corona virus can be eradicated from India


Forex reserve touched new height,reach on max $513.25 billion.



The country’s foreign exchange reserves reached an all-time high of $ 513.25 billion during the week ended July 3, with a major increase of $ 6.47 billion. This information has been given in the latest data of the Reserve Bank of India.

Earlier, the country’s foreign exchange reserves had increased by $ 1.27 billion to $ 506.84 billion in the week ended 26 June. For the first time in the week ended June 5, the country’s foreign exchange reserves had gone above the $ 500 billion level. At that time it reached $ 501.70 billion with a strong increase of $ 8.22 billion.

The rise in foreign exchange reserves in the week ended July 3 is due to increase in foreign currency assets, a significant part of the total reserves. According to Reserve Bank data, foreign currency assets increased by $ 5.66 billion to $ 473.26 billion in the week under review. According to the Reserve Bank, gold reserves rose by $ 495 million to $ 34.02 billion in the week under review.

The Reserve Bank data showed that the special drawing rights in the International Monetary Fund increased by $ 4 million to $ 1.45 billion in the week under review, while the country’s reserve currency reserves in the IMF increased by $ 259 million to $ 4.52 billion.

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