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Salman Khan angry on stone pelters on Docters and police, shared video message.



Salman Khan has shared a video on Instagram. In this video, he has expressed anger over those who broke the rules of lockdown and attacked police and doctors. In the beginning of the video, Salman Khan says that the ‘Bigg Boss’ of life has started. In this, he has further said, “This disease has spread due to a few clowns, due to these few clowns, the whole of India is at home.” He also said that do not do such things that military should be called to handle. 

Salman Khan spoke on the corona virus in the video and said that if he does not take precautions, he will become corona. That person will spread corona in his family, the family will infect the locality and the country. He adds, “If you want to offer Namaz, study at home, do worship then do it at home. It was taught in childhood and taught that God is inside everyone. If you want to know Allah and God’s house with family Get out of the house. ” In his video, Salman Khan got angry at the stone throwers and said, “The doctors have come to save their lives, the nurses have come to save their lives, which you people are throwing stones at them. If this doctor is not treating you If we do not do police and roads, then because of a few people, who are running in our mind that we will not, then many people of India will be able to walk.


Arshi Khan on new web series: ‘It’s a double-meaning show but also a fun title’



Actress Arshi Khan is out exploring her comic side in the OTT space and she is aware her new show comes with loads of double meaning.

Arshi is seen trying her hand at comedy in the web series “Mary Aur Marlow”. She stars opposite Akshay Mishra in the series that revolves around Mary and Marlow, where Mary (Arshi) ends up becoming a sexpert for grassroot level people who cannot afford to go to the doctor or specialist.

Since Mary’s Hindi is not up to the mark, Akshay, who plays Marlow, helps her communicate with the people she sets out to help. However, when he tries using ‘shudh’ Hindi, it leads to unintentional double meaning language.

From the trailer and title, it is not surprisingly evident that the show has a lot of double-meaning dialogues.

“It’s a double-meaning show but I think ‘Mary Aur Marlow’ is also a fun title. After hearing the title, people think it will have bold content but when they watch it, they will realise it’s a fun show, which has a lot of comic scenes,” Arshi told IANS in a telephonic interview.

Reacting to the government’s decision, to put all digital media portals, including online news and Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regulation, Arshi said: “The government should definitely regulate digital platforms because nowadays there are a lot of web series that are showing vulgar content and people of any age group can access the internet. So, the government surely needs to keep an eye on them.”

Arshi feels she has a good comic timing. “I never find it difficult to do comedy on screen because I feel my comic timing is really good, so I like to act in shows which have comic content,” Arshi said.

“I had a really nice experience shooting for this series and I had a lot of fun working with (director) Anirudh (Kumar) while we were shooting for it. We have released just one episode of the show and I hope the audience will have a lot more fun watching the next episodes,” she added about the show, currently streaming on Big Movie Zoo App.

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