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The number of people infected with Corona in the country of India was 7447, 239 died.



New Delhi. 239 people have died due to Corona virus infection in India, while the total number of infected persons has risen to 7447. The Ministry of Health gave this information on Saturday. According to ministry data, a total of 6,565 people are currently infected with Kovid-19 infection, while a total of 239 people have died due to the epidemic. After treatment, including the migration of a patient, 642 people have fully recovered, who have been discharged from the hospital.

Delhi government has declared five more areas as content zones on Friday. Since then, the number of sealed hotspots has increased to 30 in the national capital in view of prevention of Kovid-19 infection. According to an official notification, the new hotspots include Zakir Nagar in south-east Delhi. Here the lane number 18 to 22 and the areas around Abu Bakr Mosque have been declared as Content Zone, while the rest of Zakir Nagar has been declared as buffer zone.

At the same time, the area around Dindarpur village in Najafgarh has been made a contention zone after confirmation of Kovid-19 infection among three members of the same family. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted on Friday, “Delhi now has 30 content zones under Operation Shield.”


COVID-19 UPDATE : 18 lakh corona cases in India and 38,938 people have died




Corona’s speed is not taking the name of being low in the whole world. The number of corona infections has crossed 18.8 crore in the world.

The number of people who died of corona in the world has reached about 7 lakhs.

In India, 52,972 new patients of Corona have been exposed in 24 hours. While 803 people died.

The total number of patients in the country has now crossed 18 lakhs while 38,938 people have died.


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