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Facebook to send notifications for third-party logins



San Francisco: Facebook has added a new login feature that will notify users whenever they log into a third-party app or website using their account.

This login notification will alert the user every time a third-party application will access user data and will be sent via mail, reported on Wednesday.

“The design and content of the Login Notifications remind users that they have full control over the information they share with third party apps, with a clear path to edit those settings,” the report quoted Puxuan Qi, a Software Engineer Facebook.

This notification will show what kind of information the Facebook user has shared with the third-party application.

After receiving a notification, the user can click on the edit settings button to remove the app’s access to personal information.

The notification will help users detect unlicensed access or use of their credentials, but will also help educate them about the data they’re sharing with these apps.

The feature is already live and Qi said Facebook will continue to improve it throughout the year.


Indian Army soldiers will no longer be able to keep social media apps like Facebook, Instagram on their phones




Indian Army soldiers will no longer be able to keep social media apps like Facebook, Instagram on their phones. The army has ordered the soldiers to delete these apps from their phones.

Not only Facebook, Instagram, there are also 89 more apps which Army soldiers will not keep in their phones.

According to the order, everyone has to complete it by 15 July. This decision has been taken citing the leaking of sensitive information of the army.

The Army has said that strict action will be taken against those who get these 89 apps in addition to Facebook, Instagram in their mobiles.

According to the media report, an army official has said that this step has been taken because online surveillance by China and Pakistan has increased on military officers and soldiers through these apps.


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