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UP CM Yogi Adityanath clicks his first ever selfie



Kanpur: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday clicked his first ever selfie during a programme in Kanpur.

The chief minister was inaugurating a selfie point in Sisamau on the banks of Ganga when he got down from a steamer and clicked a selfie.

Adityanath is said to be personally rather conservative in the use of technology though he continues to push various policies and programmes into the digital age. He discourages people from taking selfies with him.

In December 2017, Adityanath banned people from clicking selfies on the road leading up to his official residence in Kalidas Marg in Lucknow. A sign was put up by the state police at the beginning of the road warning against selfies. The sign said clicking pictures and selfies in the VIP area was an offence and would invite strict action.

The same, however, was removed after criticism on social media.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s highly-publicised ‘Prerna’ app that allowed teachers to mark their attendance by clicking a selfie in government schools, also ran into trouble after teachers’ unions raised objections against it, saying it invades women’s privacy.


‘Qawwali’ not allowed, Kathak performance cut short in UP




Lucknow: Well known Kathak dancer, Manjari Chaturvedi was allegedly forced to stop her performance midway at an event organised by UP government here on Thursday, because she was performing on a ‘qawwali’.

Chaturvedi alleged that while she was performing, the music was stopped and an announcement was made for the next act.

“I thought it was a technical glitch but then the next act was announced. It was clear that this was not an error. When I asked the concerned officials, I was told ‘qawwali nahi chalegi yahan’ (qawaali cannot happen here),” she told a news channel.

The artist said that she was allotted 45 minutes for her act and it was pre-planned, yet her performance was stopped and no explanation was provided.

“I have never encountered this kind of thing before in my two-decade old career,” she said.

While the concerned officials were unwilling to comment, a government spokesman denied the allegations and said that the act had to be completed in time since dinner had been served.

“Since, the programme was running late, it had to be trimmed. Manjari Chaturvedi had done two performances and third was underway. Since the programme was running late and there was a Braj performance that was to take place and we wanted all performers to get a chance, the act was stopped. The performance was cut short due to ‘organizational compulsions and not due to any religious or linguistic bias’.

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