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Lucknow all set to witness Repertwahr Festival Season 10



Lucknow: Repertwahr Foundation gladly presents to you Repertwahr Festival Season 10. India’s most astounding celebration of performing arts. One of the biggest and most creative performing arts festival that commences on the 12th of December is going to host artists from all across the country.

They present to you the perfect blend of Theatre, Music and Stand-up Comedy for five days.Repertwahr invites you to join in on the celebrations at the UP Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow from 12th – 16th December, 2019. About The Repertwahr Festival Repertwahr Festival has constantly pushed its own benchmarks.

Helmed by Bhoopesh Rai, Repertwahr has developed an all Lucknow based team that executes the festival year after year, with an aesthetic and artistic sensibility that rivals some of the best such festivals in the country. Team Repertwahr feels privileged to receive such an overwhelming response from it's patrons, theatre enthusiasts, music lovers, critics, media and their sponsors.We are filled with gratitude for all the love and support the city of Lucknow has bestowed upon us. This year again Repertwahr Festival Season 10 invites all of you to witness the celebration.

Repertwahr always make sure that the city gets to witness never seen before performances.Especially in theatre we promise to bring for the audiences,plays that not only touch the hearts but also unfold the experimental forms of theatre techniques.

The festival is a delight for the literature enthusiast in you.

In the course of time, Repertwahr has stretched its own boundaries, presenting a scintillating amalgamation of performing arts on a single platform. It has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation over the years and this year.

Theatre:12th to 16th December
Music-12th,14th,16th December
Comedy:13th,15th December

Theatre Fest

12th Dec-Mosambi Narangi-3P.M. and 6:30 P.M.
13th Dec-Aurat Aurat Aurat-3P.M. and 7:30P.M.
14th Dec-Bone of Contention-3P.M. and 7:30P.M
15th Dec-Agra Bazaar-3P.M. and 7:30P.M
16th Dec-Bali-3P.M. and 7:30P.M


Careful! Are you consuming these things at night?




If you do not sleep at night, if you are tired by changing the movement, then you understand that there is something black in your food.

Say these foods by-by-

Drinking alcoholic beverages, caffeine and too much spicy should be avoided before sleeping at night. If you are also consuming these things then try to make a difference of two to four hours between the consumption of these things and your sleep.

Drinking coffee causes sleeplessness. If you drink a strong cup of coffee, then you can sleep for 2 hours.

Cornflakes have high amounts of sugar. If you eat it at night, it will not make you sleepy. Due to which you may have many problems including headache.

If you eat ice cream before bedtime, the sugar in it can increase the sugar level of your body and can also drop suddenly. If ice cream is mixed with caffeine, you may sleep.


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