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25 migrants found alive in refrigerated truck in UK



The Hague: A cargo ship headed from the Netherlands to England was turned back on Tuesday night when 25 stowaways were reportedly discovered on board in a refrigerated container.

Taking to Twitter, Rotterdam region emergency services tweeted, “Onboard a ship it turned out that several people were found in a cooling container. The ship returned to the harbor”. On board a ship it turned out that several people were found in a cooling container. The ship returned to the harbor,” said the Rotterdam region emergency services said on Twitter.

“The 25 people were taken off the ship and given the medical care they need. Earlier the message came from the ship that no people died.” Two of the migrants were taken to hospital for treatment while the other 23 received a medical check-up in the port before being taken away by police for processing, according to a statement posted on the website of regional emergency services. The origins of the migrants are not known, and images of the stowaways being led to busses show mainly young men.

Police dogs were searching the ship, which was originally bound for the British port of Felixstowe, to check that no more migrants were on board, they added.

In the meantime, on Tuesday Dutch border police intercepted a bus carrying 65 Moldovan nationals, including children who were planning to claim asylum, Dutch media reported.


Doing regular yoga exercises can prevent serious problems like heart attack




Problems such as heart attacks have become common due to changing lifestyles and wrong eating habits.

In today’s time, due to irregular routines of people, this problem has started increasing rapidly among the youth as well.

By doing regular yoga exercises, serious problems like heart attack can be avoided. In today’s time, people do not have time to eat or sleep in time.

We neither exercise nor walk in this relaxed lifestyle. Earlier such problems were seen only in old age, but now the youth are also suffering from problems like heart attack.

If we make yoga a part of life, then heart attack can be avoided. Yoga increases the pace of life in the body.

Do Suryanamaskar 12 times, it is a cardiovascular exercise, besides some other asanas are beneficial for the heart. Bhujang, Gomukh, boat, bridge, tree, triangle, camel can prevent heart attack by regular practice.

The heart is an organ that keeps on working until a person is born in life. To keep the heart healthy, regular exercise, good food and avoiding smoking are three important things.

In spite of all this, we forget many other things such as do not take stress, keep the mind calm.

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