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WhatsApp starts rolling out Hide Muted Status Updates feature



A new WhatsApp update comes as a respite to those users who mute status updates. With the latest update, which has been rolled out to the Android users, WhatsApp hides the muted status updates. The Android beta version 2.19.260 will hide status updates until you click on it to view the muted ones.

As the name suggests the new feature comes with an ability to automatically hide all the muted updates from the status section. These updates are hidden when the user hits the hide button, which sits right next to the muted updates section within WhatsApp. To bring it back, the user needs to tap on the ‘Show’ button.

Currently, even if you have muted a status update from someone, it will still appear after you have finished looking at others. With the new beta, users can completely hide the updates and they will not appear anywhere.

Until now there is no information when the new feature for the Android application will roll out for the general public.

WhatsApp is also working on other features such as a Dark Mode, a boomerang feature, and others, which should be available in future updates. The Facebook-owned app recently added fingerprint lock feature to the Android version.


1 year old chef created storm in Instagram, WATCH VIDEO




“Kobe Eats” debuted on Instagram at the end of February, and the account had just about 200 followers till April 15, said the report. And then the word spread fast. And so the rise of the baby chef”s followers.

he handle, “Kobe Eats”, is, of course, managed by the parents of the toddler, who is all of 1-year-old.


“Chef Kobe” likes “to cook, eat & explore in the kitchen,” reads his bio.

The videos offer tutorials for all types of recipes from butter chicken and naan to mac and cheese.


“I made butter chicken and naan with my mom! She helped a lot with this one because there was lots of work to be done on the stove.. I made a few mistakes but that”s okay, it was a lot of fun to make this!!! I especially loved the part where I ate naan. A lot of it. I love naan,” read the caption of a video posted three days ago.


Viewed by lakhs of people, the video garnered over 6,700 comments.

“I hope he never tastes himself because he is too cute and like a candy,” wrote one follower.

Another follower asked the baby chef if he could make some Indonessian food.

Mobile phones ban inside Covid hospitals – Yogi govt



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