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CBI sleuths question Kuldeep Singh Sengar in Sitapur prison



Unnao: Sleuths of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probing the Rae Bareli mishap case questioned rape accused and now expelled BJP legislator Kuldeep Singh Sengar in Sitapur District Jail on Saturday.

The CBI may now apply for custodial remand of Sengar and other named accused and amygot for their polygraph or narco analysis test.

Interestingly, on Saturday, the Unnao district administration, which had earlier dismissed the issue of cancellation of Sengar’s three arms licences saying it needed judicial formalities, cancelled all three licences.

As per reports, a three-member CBI team visited Sitapur District Jail and questioned the Bangermau MLA for several hours.

Another four-member CBI team visited the native village of the rape survivor in Unnao on Saturday.

According to the police station in-charge, Naradmuni, the team was in the village for hours and returned to Lucknow after conducting investigations. No one from the victim’s family was present in the village at the time of the CBI team’s visit, he said.

Earlier on Friday, the CBI had questioned the Unnao rape survivor’s uncle Mahesh Singh in the Rae Bareli prison.

In Rae Bareli, the CBI team probing the accident which left the rape survivor critically injured, recreated the sequence of events. It also grilled the driver and cleaner of the truck which had rammed into the survivor’s car on July 28.  The CBI has sought custodial remand of both the driver and the cleaner.

After apex court’s direction of time-bound action, the Unnao district authorities on Friday cancelled Sengar’s licences for a single-barrel gun, a rifle and a revolver, 15 months after he was arrested on April 13, 2018.

The condition of the 19-year-old victim remained critical but stable. Doctors treating her at the KGMU Trauma Centre in Lucknow said that she developed pneumonia and her condition remained critical and was still on ventilator. However, the rape victim’s lawyer was taken off the ventilator but was still not out of danger. Both were being monitored round-the-clock.

As per the Supreme Court order, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel have taken over the security of the victim and her lawyer. The CRPF personnel are deployed at the entry gate of Critical Care Unit on the third floor of Trauma Centre. Entry has been restricted and only family members and doctors are being allowed inside.

A team of CBI officials, including women officials, also visited the Trauma Centre to speak to the victim’s family members on Friday and Saturday.






Happy Navratri 2020: Delicious food you can enjoy while fasting




Navratri, one of the biggest Hindu festivals is celebrated twice a year with great fervour across the country. Devotees worship the different avatars of Goddess Durga for nine days. Goddess Durga is believed to have nine different incarnations and each female deity signifies a distinct power.

The word Navratri‘ refers to the nine auspicious nights during which Goddess Durga is worshiped and most people observe fasts. It is celebrated twice a year, at the beginning of spring and during the onset of autumn.

During Navratris most people give up non-vegetarian food while many others also eliminate onion and garlic from their meals.

These are few recipes that you can make  this Navratri as they are very quick and easy to make .

Recipes :

Image result for Sabudana Khichdi :

Sabudana Khichdi :

Sabudana Khichdi is full of starch or carbohydrates which gives you the much needed energy boost while fasting. A light dish made with sabudana, peanuts and mild spices.

Image result for Kuttu ka Dosa :

Kuttu ka Dosa :

This Navratri move over the usual kuttu puris and rustle up something different. A crisp dosa recipe made of kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) with a potato filling.

Image result for Aloo ki Kadhi :

Aloo ki Kadhi :

Tuck into the soothing flavors of this light and lovely curry made with the ever-so-versatile potatoes.

Image result for Makhana Kheer :

Makhana Kheer :

Desserts inspire a cheer,so low fat kheer recipe made with makhana and nuts is a good option . Indulge without worrying about the weighing scale.

Image result for Dhoklas made with samwat ke chawal:

Dhoklas made with samwat ke chawal:

A fresh recipe that gives you a break from the usual fried pakoras and puris. Steamed dhoklas made with samwat ke chawal. A healthy way to fast.


Singhare ki poori 

Paneer kofta : 

Just substitute the corn flour with fasting flour and enjoy this tasty dish

Banana Walnut Lassi : 

A nourishing drink . Lassi made with the goodness of yogurt, bananas, honey and walnuts.

These are the recipes that you must try this Navratri .

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