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Make Your Love Last: Tips for a Long-Lasting, Loving Relationship…….



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Falling in love is like magic – you just don’t know how it actually takes place, and you care nothing but the smile it brings to you.
Things become more magical when you get into a relationship with the person you have fallen in love with. It’s like you are in this adventure together to find this thing called “forever.”
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If you’re a young couple who have recently fallen in love and wants to make your relationship last, then here are  relationship tips that you’d definitely find useful:
1. Respect Each Other
Respecting each other is key and if you respect each other, you’ll fight less and not treat each other badly. That is a sign of a healthy relationship.
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2.Take it nice and slow
When you’re young and in a relationship, you don’t have to rush.
Give it time, spend time with each other in the relationship. Share different things – from your interests and pet peeves, dreams and whims, and everything else in between.
3. Jealousy is totally an unnecessary part
When young adults are in a relationship and they have the tendency to look at other people even are often fickle-minded — and this applies to both genders.Don’t react or be aggressive with the fact that your boyfriend/girlfriend has a crush on someone else, just let them be.
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4. Communicate
It’s important for people in any relationship to communicate. If something bothers you, make sure to speak about it then and there instead of bottling these emotions because someday these feelings might explode and it might create a lot of damage.
5. Forget The Past
Don’t keep bringing up each other’s past. That’ll only make everything sour. Always remember, that it was the past and don’t ruin your present because of something your partner, or you did in the past. It’s never worth it.
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6.You do not need to sleep together if you become a couple
It good to be together but it is not necessary you should go to bed together. Be responsible and mature when you take the step of sleeping with other.
So do keep these things in your mind if you have started your relationship.


Ajit Doval pats Yogi govt’s back for handling Ayodhya verdict




Lucknow: National Security advisor Ajit Doval has sent a letter of appreciation to Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary R.K. Tiwari for his “commendable effort in handling the situation in Uttar Pradesh, following the Ayodhya verdict”.

The letter dated November 28, was released to the media on Wednesday.

Doval, in his letter, has appreciated the pivotal role played by the chief secretary in maintaining synergy with all organs of the state and central government and ensuring coordination with the police in maintaining peace and communal harmony.

He further said that it was the cumulative efforts of all agencies and organs of the government that resulted in an incident-free and amicable atmosphere in the state.

The verdict on Ayodhya was delivered on November 9, giving the disputed plot of land to Hindus for construction of a grand Ram temple and the Muslim side was to be given an alternative five acre plot for building a mosque.

Doval himself convened an inter-faith meeting to build confidence within communities where all the representatives of all the religions were called.

A group of 40 historians, academics and activists has since the November 9 judgement moved the Supreme Court seeking a full-bench review of its final verdict.

“The faith of one of the communities was consequently regarded higher than the other, thereby violating the secular principle embedded in the Constitution,” said the petitioners.

The review petition urged the apex court to institute a full bench for hearing the review petition, as this is not merely a title dispute but “a contestation about the core of India’s constitutional morality, and the principles of equal citizenship, secularism, justice, rule of law and fraternity”.

The petition contended that the balance of probabilities was erroneously observed to be in favour of the Hindu parties by the apex court.

The petition said the top court erred in coming to a conclusion based on the fact that Hindus had proved to be worshipping in the outer courtyard since 1857, but also proved to worship in the inner courtyard prior to 1857, and the Muslim parties failed to prove exclusive possession of the inner courtyard.

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