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How to Sleep Better: Simple Steps to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep



It’s not just the right sleepwear that plays an important role to experience uninterrupted sleep, bedtime is also the perfect instance to take immense care of your luscious locks and skin and to rejuvenate from the harm caused by the pollution around you.

Jagadeesh.P, Trainer, Paul Mitchell India, and Karan Behal, CEO and Founder of PrettySecrets, have a few recommendations for a healthy sleep.
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*It is important to keep your scalp hydrated with anything that is soothing and provides proper nourishment. An overnight treatment is very effective for damage control for those of you who witness overly dry hair or split ends on a regular basis. A nourishing treatment and a satin soft pillow case will ensure you wake up like a diva each morning.

* For easing the tension before you sleep, tying your hair in a loose bun or braiding it is an advisable option.

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* Massaging your scalp on a regular basis with tea tree oil stimulates the blood circulation which leads to healthy growth and helps in relieving tension. This gives the nourishment it requires. Gently massaging your hair helps you to achieve a sound sleep.

* You must also pick easy clothing to slide in for a relaxed sleep. Bid adieu to the tight clothing on the body. It is also preferable to choose breathable fabric while sleeping. Achieving that cotton comfort in cute pajamas, stylish night dresses, cozy robes and more allows air circulation to your skin and is perfect for a cozy sleep.

* You can also redefine your sleepwear with stylish and comfortable nightwear varieties that helps you get some much-needed shut-eye. Satin fabric clothing will also keep you warm on the colder nights. You can opt for a whole lot of colourful and printed chemise, PJ’s, and wraps that will not disappoint you.

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* If you are the to-be bride, depending on your personality you can opt from the honeymoon collection to add to your bridal trousseau. Opt for the right fit that matches your silhouette to get the sexiest best on your wedding night.

* Lastly, a cup of chamomile tea will work its charm on the inside while you take care of everything on the outside.


The combination of COVID-19 vaccines can work well against coronavirus: Soumya Swaminathan



Amid the reports of more infectious COVID-19 variants, many scientists and health experts are recommending a combination of COVID-19 vaccine which is believed to offer protection against variants and longer immunity.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan stated that the combination of Covid-19 vaccines seems to be working well against coronavirus variants across the globe.

“It seems to be working well, this concept of heterologous prime-boost. This opens up the opportunity for countries that have vaccinated people with one vaccine and now are waiting for the second dose they have run out of, to potentially be able to use a different platform vaccine,” said the World Health Organization’s chief scientist.

As per a report in Bloomberg, Soumya Swaminathan revealed that early data from the UK, Spain and Germany suggest a “mix-and-match” regimen, which is using two different types of vaccines, generates more pain, fever and other minor side effects compared with two doses of the same inoculation.


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