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Hey Boys! Things to Say to Your Girlfriend



Girls have become smarter nowadays because they all know very well that who is with  flirting them and who actually loves them. Words are so powerful for communication. They play a huge role in your relationship. Any relationship initially starts with ‘I want you’ and it basically ends with ‘I Love You’.But, apart from these 3 words, there are few 3-words sentences that girls always want to hear from their partner.

In today’s post we are going to tell you some 3-words that girls like to hear nowadays.

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1 ‘I respect you’
Girls love it when their partner respects them and never insults them.Girls like it when their partner respects them for who they are. All the thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires should matter to the boy the way it matters to girl. In today’s world, girls are not equally treated and they face domestic violence everyday so when they get respect it makes them feel special and more loved.

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2 ‘I’ll support you’
Girls want their partner to support them for for their dreans and hopes. They want their partners to have their back and someone they can totally rely on. Boys should always make sure that they will be with her whenever she needs them. Girls love it so much that how boys support them in every single situation.

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3 ‘ I’ll protect you’
One of the reasons why girlfriends love their boyfriends is that they are always ready to defend his princess. The way they stood up for their girls from anything that’s trying to hurt them and ensuring that they’re safe in their arms makes the girl more happier. Girls want their boyfriends to protect them in every possible way. It gives them support that no matter what they do, there is someone behind them to take care of it. The feeling of being protected by their partner is best feeling that any girl can have.

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4 ‘ You are right’
Girls never like to loose in arguments expecailly when it is with their boyfriends. Girls actually love it when boys accept their mistakes. Sometimes, it’s better to own up to the fact that she’s right and you’re not. Humility is a virtue most women can appreciate. Being proven right in front of partner make them happiest.

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5 ‘You look beautiful’
Girls actually like it when boys compliment them. They always want to hear that they are beautiful. It helps girls to boost their confidence and they feel more loved. Girls want their boyfriends to tell her that she is beautiful instead of giving them advice about what makes her attractive. They should tell her that they feel get bored of her even if she is without make up. The more you give her compliment, the more you are likely to get love in return.

Life Style

Best tips to find a girlfriend



Hundreds of articles have been written about this, but this topic still remains relevant. One of the most common complexes of insecure men is the stereotype that a beautiful girl is meant to be with someone else but not him. Hence the further delusions at the sight of every beauty encountered. We come up with excuses for ourselves: “she has a boyfriend, she is in a hurry, not today, there is no point in approaching, I will seem like a moron, not my level.” We made a list of tips that will help you find a girlfriend.

  1. Don’t stay at home

Remember once and for all, by sitting with a bowl of chips, and a bottle of beer in front of a computer screen, you will never find a girl! It is unlikely that there is a slim, graceful, full-bosomed, and sleek dream girl who walks around the block and knocks on the door to the home-losers. If she’s not a postman, of course. What to do? Go outside. Yes, right now. For the beginners, it is better not to meet girls just on the streets, visit some hobby clubs and other popular among girl’s places.

  1. Learn to enjoy being alone

If you are alone now, this doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about yourself. You still have to dress well and beautifully, or how will she notice you? Be self-sufficient, self-confident, plus your loneliness should not oppress you; otherwise, you will become miserable. To make others feel good with you, let yourself be good. It is important to begin with yourself.

  1. Practice your skills 

If you want to find yourself a good, beautiful girl, then one of your main goals is to communicate with a large number of females. You must constantly practice and sharpen your communication skills. You should do it regularly and not once a month, or there will be no sense in those pieces of training at all. Especially if you search younger women for older men.

  1. Failures only make you stronger

Most men, in principle, are afraid to go up to the girl and start a conversation. They are afraid of being rejected. And although it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t make our sky to collapse, fear remains. So come on, don’t be afraid to ask her for the phone number. It doesn’t matter if you get a refusal or consent. Repeat this as many times as you need to get rid of fear. You get stronger every time.

  1. Stop looking for excuses.

All these phrases like “She is very beautiful, she probably has hundreds of people like me”, “She looks like she already has a boyfriend,” “She won’t like me,” “I guess I’m not her type,” “Now is not the best moment to talk, she is busy with something” are a complete nonsense. Stop looking for excuses for your fear and failures. Forget about them and your excuses. Act now. You should move only forward!

  1. Enjoy the process

No need to take everything too seriously. This is just a search for a girl, not a global catastrophe for all of humanity. If you relate to the whole process with ease, then there is a better chance that you are guaranteed success. After all, the whole process of seduction is a pleasure.

  1. Be yourself.

No need to try to please the girl completely lose herself. For example, if she is a vegetarian, don’t say that you are too if you are not. If she tells you stupid and unfunny jokes, then you don’t have to laugh. If she says complete nonsense, then don’t be afraid to tell her that you don’t understand and like her because of that.

  1. Pay attention to your appearance.

If you think that only men value women first in appearance, then you are deeply mistaken. Women pay attention to your figure, hands, shoes, hairstyle, clothing style. For them, this first impression is as important as for us. Therefore, you must be well-groomed, you must take care of yourself, go to the gym, keep yourself in shape. Pay attention to your clothes. Be stylish and choose the things that suit you. This will give you even more confidence, which means attractiveness in her eyes.

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