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Ways to know for sure if your relationship is over



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While coming in any relationship you  carry lot of dreams, you think that you will make this relationship strong day by day. But these relationships are so delicate this wants so much care, time, love and your loyalty on top.

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Did you ever think that what reasons are which makes your relationship fade and boring day by day?

For relationships you have to peruse a lot. Despite all your efforts there comes one point in relation when you really gets confused that whether to move on from this or to give one chance again. Before coming in any relation you meditate and think that are you ready for this or not but when it comes time to move on from that relation you cannot decision easily.

Here we are going to tell you some point that will tell you whether to eliminate the relationship or not?

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Are you being exploited?

Relationship is something in which both partners are equal and love each other but what when this love changes into exploitation? Exploitation is similar to slavery, where you are used only. If this happens in your relation also then just leave the relation as this is a big indication that your relationship has been expired!

You are not respected as before:

Relationship fluctuates while time passes. In every relation respect is the thing which is must as no one can compromise with their self-esteem. If you feel that you are also not getting respect in your relationship then it is time to get out of the relation.

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You are giving second chance again and again?

Yes if your partner is doing mistakes regularly and you are forgiving him/her thinking every time that this is last. But there is limit of everything, the more you will forgive your partner the more they will play with your emotions. This is a direct indication that now you should move on.

Never ending fighting:

Everyone knows that fighting’s are normal in relationship. But what if they become your daily routine?

If both of you are fighting for even small things daily, despite all fights you are not reaching to any conclusion. Then you should twice think before staying more in relation.

So friends if you are not happy in your relationship then just take a step and move on in your life.

Life Style

Keep this in mind when making connections to prevent unwanted pregnancy




Today’s youth are very desperate to make a relationship as soon as they come into relationship. But due to fear of unwanted pregnancy, most women remain worried even after marriage that the married life will end after pregnancy. Women also fear that their careers will end once they become mothers.

In such a situation, women are also afraid of sexual intercourse. For this reason, many times there is a lot of aggression in the married life. Today we tell you some tips to make Saif a physical relationship.

When you have sex with your partner, create such a position that the woman is above her male partner because the danger of becoming a mother in this position is averted to a great extent.
In such a position, the sperm will flow downward, which will soon flow out and reduce the risk of becoming a mother.

One such position is the lotus in which both women and men are close to each other. In this, the woman has sexual intercourse by sitting on the male’s lap. The danger of becoming a mother is also largely avoided in this position.

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