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Modi’s regime man Mansukh rides on cycle to take oath of Ministry



Mansukh Lal Mandaviya, Narendra Modi, Modi new Cabinet, State Minister, Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, National news

New Delhi: Former State Minister Mansukh Lal Mandaviya in pervious Narendra Modi government who use to travel on cycle always yesterday again took same transportation to reach Rashtpathi Bhawn to attend swearing-in-ceremony.

Parliamentarian Mandaviya is a former State Minister in Narendra Modi’s previous tenure. Most interesting thing about him is that instead of car he travels on bicycle.


Mansukh Lal Mandaviya, Narendra Modi, Modi new Cabinet, State Minister, Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, National news


On 30th May, people from different part of world attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s oath taking ceremony. In same way, Parliamentarian Mansukh came from Gujrat to join Modi’s Cabinet.

To be part of ceremony event, Mandaviya reaches Presidential House on bicycle. Mansukh often uses bicycle for traveling. He even goes to Parliament house through it.


Modi minister Mansukh follows tradition of cycle traveling to take oath:


In Modi’s previous term of governance, Mansukh was given Ministry of Road Transport and Highway as State Minister.

As per sources, When Manshuk’s name was announced in Modi’s Cabinet again this time, he said “Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah ji have shown trust in me once again and invited me to be a part of this government. I am grateful to both of them.”


Mansukh Lal Mandaviya, Narendra Modi, Modi new Cabinet, State Minister, Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, National news


As Mandaviya usually use bicycle to visit places, we asked him if he would go for swearing-in ceremony on a bicycle, he said that “For me it is not a fashion to go on a bicycle, it is my passion. I had always gone to the Parliament on a bicycle. It is eco-friendly; it saves fuel and keeps you physically healthy.

According to sources, last year Delhi’s government advised Mandviya to travel in car, considering to his safety after he became State Minister.



Remove fear from these two yogas and complete every task with confidence




During the run-up time, there is the stress of completing the target in the office or the fear of being in competition

All these tension and fear somewhere reduces the confidence in you. Because of this, there comes a time when you feel that you will not be able to face the difficulties in life.

At such a time, there are two special yogasanas that can help you.

These asanas, which remove the fear by increasing self-confidence, are named Virabhadrasana and Vriksasana. Performing Virabhadrasana keeps the mind calm and infuses courage.

It promotes digestion as well as removes fear and anxiety from the mind, while Vriksasana is done to increase concentration and focus.

How to do Virabhadrasana

To perform Virabhadrasana, first of all stand upright. After this, while moving your right leg forward, bend your right knee slightly.

While doing this, an angle of about 90 degrees should be made between the knee and the ground. Keep in mind that while doing this your left leg should be straight.

With this, the soles of the feet should be attached to the ground. After that, take a deep breath and raise both your hands upwards.

While doing this, keep your shoulders in a comfortable position. Do not let both ears come near your shoulder.

How to do Vriksasana Yoga

To do this asana, first of all stand upright. Raise your hands up, keeping both of your feet at some distance from each other.

While doing this, straighten your hands and mix the palms together. While bending the knee of the right foot, keep its sole on the left thigh.

During this condition, the heel of the right foot will rest under the anal gate, ie the genitals.

Keep the palms, head and shoulders in the same line while balancing on the left leg.

Take a deep breath here and it is better to focus on a point or thing. Also hold the earth with its claws. Doing so will not upset the balance.

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