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Maruti Suzuki came up with top 5 Features for its new, existing owner



Brezza, Maruti Suzuki, Vitara Brezza, Automobile news, Car and bike news

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki has announced that customers can now change their Vitara Brezza into sports limited edition at premium of 29,990. This offer is not only for existing owner of Brezza but also for customers who can choose from wide ranges of accessories. It includes front and rear garnish, body graphics, side cladding, wheel arches kit, seat covers, steering neck, steering neck cushions etc.

Following are top 5 features of Vitara Brezza:


Brezza, Maruti Suzuki, Vitara Brezza, Automobile news, Car and bike news


Chrome grille garnish: To create a bluing factor in SUV’s Fascia a new chrome grille accent is given to Brezza, as chrome is liked by everyone.

Body graphics and side cladding: Style can be added to sides of cars with quirky decals. This will not only make side cladding attractive but it will also double with protection.


With top 5 features Maruti Suzuki’s customers can now change Vitara Brezza:


Leather steering cover: Steering wheel of Brezza can be cover with leather for soft touch and feel.


Brezza, Maruti Suzuki, Vitara Brezza, Automobile news, Car and bike news


Twin color door sill guards: In place of conventional illumination plates, Maruti Suzuki is offering door sill-guard. These doors are in funky colors which will bring boldness to cabin.

New Seat Covers: Wide ranges of seat covers are available in different colors and patterns. This gives variety in style.



To Know About Lamborghini’s New $3Mn Yacht,It’s like a Supercar.



See Lamborghini on-road and wondered, Lamborghini has made it happen anyway.Lamborghini 63, collaboration between Automobile Lamborghini and yacht company The Italian Sea Group.It’s inspired by Lamborghini Sián  FKP 37 hyper car. It looks like incredible

Now 5 crazy things to know about this million-dollar luxury Yacht that looks straight out of a Sci-Fi movie:

1. Ultra-Light Weight:

The Tecnomar features a carbon-fiber construction which makes it an ultra-lightweight boat. It still weighs 24 tons and is 63-feet long.

2. Aesthetics:

The exterior of the yacht is also meant to capture the aesthetic of the Lamborghini Miura and Countach from the 60s and 70s. We’d say it’s a good mix of an OG design and a sci-fi look with sharp edges and neon lights.

3. Incredible Performance:

he yacht comes fitted with twin 24.2-liter MAN V-12 diesel, makes 2000 horsepower and 4794 lb-ft of torque. The yacht’s top speed is 60 knots, which translates to 69 mph. We’re essentially looking at a cruising speed of 47 mph. This is way faster than a standard yacht. It’s a Lambo, after all.

4. Super Expensive Fixtures:

The base price doesn’t cover everything, by the way. The price is going to shoot up as you start personalizing the interiors and go for, say, Gucci bathroom fixtures.

5. Pricing & Availability:

So, the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 starts at 3 million Euros, which is roughly around Rs 25 Crore. Lamborghini says the first boat will be available at the start of next year.

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