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Know significance and auspicious timings of Lord Buddha festival



Buddha Purnima, Buddha Jayanti,Lord Buddha, Religious news, Religion news, Spiritual news

The most sacred Buddhist festival Buddha Purnima also known as Buddha Jayanti is a day which celebrates birthday of Lord Buddha. It will be the 2,581st birth anniversary of Lord Buddha.

This is observed to pay tribute to his enlightenment and death. As indicated in scriptures he is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Buddhists Lumbini a part of Nepal now is birth place of Lord Buddha.


Buddha Purnima, Buddha Jayanti,Lord Buddha, Religious news, Religion news, Spiritual news


With name Siddhartha Gautama, he was born as a prince into a royal family sometime in the 5th or 6th century BC. Although he left his family at the age of 29 and began seek for englightment after experience of human suffering outside his palace.

In state of Bihar, he was enlightened at Bodhgaya and mostly lived and taught in eastern India and passed away at the age of 80 at Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Buddha Jayanti is held on a full moon in late April or May each year. In 2019, Buddha Jayanti falls on May 18 in India.


Read about auspicious time for celebration of Lord Buddha festival:


Auspicious timing:

Purnima Starting time: 18th May 2019 morning 04:10 am

Purnima end time: 19th May 2019 morning 02:41pm

Where is the Festival Celebrated?

At the various Buddhist sites across India, particularly at Bodhgaya and Sarnath (near Varanasi, where Buddha gave his first sermon), and Kushinagar. Festival is also celebrated in Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi and are widespread in Buddhist regions such as Sikkim, Ladak, Arunachal Pradesh, and north Bengal (Kalimpong, Darjeeling, and Kurseong) as well.

How is the Festival Celebrated?

Activities include prayer meets, sermons and religious discourses, recitation of Buddhist scriptures, group meditation, processions, and worship of the statue of Buddha.

Temple with festive look decorated with colorful flags and flowers. Special prayers are organized under the Bodhi Tree (the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment).

A large fair takes place in Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh.

The National Museum in Delhi also brings mortal remains of Buddha (what are believed to be some of his bones and ashes) out for public viewing on Buddha Jayanti.

In Sikkim, the festival is celebrated as Saga Dawa. In Gangtok, a procession of monks carries the holy book from Tsuklakhang Palace Monastery around town.

It’s accompanied by the blowing of horns, beating of drums, and burning of incense.


Buddha Purnima, Buddha Jayanti,Lord Buddha, Religious news, Religion news, Spiritual news


What Rituals were Performed During the Festival?

Many Buddhists visit temples on Buddha Jayanti to listen to monks give talks and recite ancient verses.

The statue is placed in a basin filled with water and decorated with flowers. Visitors to the temple pour water over the statue and are worshiped by offerings of incense, flowers, candles and fruit. This symbolizes a pure and new beginning.

The usual dress is pure white. Non-vegetarian food is normally avoided. Kheer, sweet rice porridge is also commonly served to recall the story of Sujata, a maiden who offered the Buddha a bowl of milk porridge.

Buddha Jayanti is an extremely peaceful and uplifting occasion.



Pakistan plead rejected in UNSC meeting




Islamabad: UNSC council meeting took place on Friday, 16th August to discuss the issue of Kashmir as requested by Pakistan. Pakistan pleaded to discuss the issue and do something about the abolishment of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir due to which Pakistan is terrified so that India backs off. However opposite happened, Except China, no one favored Pakistan and said that they should solve it bilaterally.

The meeting took place behind closed doors with only the five permanent members and the 10 non-permanent members attending it. India has categorically told the international community that its move to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution removing the special status to Jammu and Kashmir was an internal matter and has also advised Pakistan to accept the reality.

Pakistani newspaper Dawn, reporting from the UN headquarters, noted that the country’s UN envoy Maleeha Lodhi and her team have been tirelessly working since early this month to sensitize the UN members on how India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status threatens South Asia’s peace and stability. “But the council’s current composition does not seem to favors Pakistan,” it commented. But nothing is getting in favor of Pakistan till now nor does it seem to go.

The 10 non-permanent members who are elected for a two-year term by the UN General Assembly are Belgium, Cote d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Indonesia, Kuwait, Peru, Poland and South Africa. The remaining four permanent members Britain, France, Russia and the US want India and Pakistan to address the Kashmir dispute in a bilateral set-up, it said.

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