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‘Suspicious’ Georgian cargo aircraft forced by IAF to land in Jaipur



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Jaipur: A Georgian An-12 cargo aircraft was forced by IAF jets to land at Jaipur airport on Friday after it created alarm by entering Indian air space from an unscheduled point in north Gujarat, official sources said.

The aircraft, belonging to Ukrainian company MotorSich, was heading for Delhi from Karachi when it deviated from its scheduled flight path and did not respond to radio from Indian controllers and security agencies.

Since air routes in the area were closed due to the geopolitical situation between India and Pakistan, the aircraft’s entry from an unscheduled point led to the Indian Air Force scrambling its air defence interceptors and they approached towards the unknown aircraft for investigation.


Suspicious’ cargo aircraft forced by IAF jets to land at Jaipur airport:


On visual contact, the aircraft was identified as Georgian An-12 flying at 27,000 feet, but it neither responded on the international distress frequency nor to visual signals. However, when challenged, the aircraft responded and informed that it was a non-scheduled flight that left Tbilisi (Georgia) for Delhi via Karachi.

However, it was escorted to Jaipur by the Indian Air Force and after it landed, its two pilots were being questioned by security agencies.



IRCTC is starting its luxury train ‘Golden Chriot’ from tomorrow




IRCTC, the online ticket booking arm of Indian Railways, is going to start services of its luxury train Golden Chariot once again. Officials said that we would like to inform you that IRCTC is going to conduct the voyages through Golden Chariot again from tomorrow on 14 March 2O21. The train operated by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) was temporarily closed last year due to a lack of passengers.

According to IRCTC, three packages have been kept on the train. This train will start from Bengaluru and return to Bengaluru via Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. The booking of which can be done through the official website of the luxury train.

The Golden Chariot is equipped with padded furniture, renovated rooms and bathrooms, new linen and cutlery. This luxury train also has a smart TV with a Wi-Fi facility. Apart from this, security features like CCTV and fire protection have also been upgraded in the train. The food menu of the train has also been prepared in a new way. All safety standards will be followed in the wake of corona infection.

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