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OMG: In this round of ‘Berozgars’ vs ‘Chowkidars’ colours of Modi shades-off in front of Rahul!



In the ongoing twitter bout between the giant killer ‘chowkidar’ and the challenger ‘berozgar”, the underdog challenger won the round on March 30. The ‘berozgars’ delivered a killer undercut with the their #MainBhiBerozgar punch that became number one national trend on twitter on Saturday. On their part, the ‘chowkidars’ did land some impressive punches – #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu, #NaMoforAssam, #NorthEastforModi #Gandhinagar etc – the other leading trends of the day.

The March 30 round started little after midnight. #MainBhiBerozgar landed the first punch at 1:13 am with @yuvahallabol, youth front of @_SwarajIndia, tweeting “Main hoon SSC me vyapt anniyammatta se pidit berozgar (I am a victim of the prevalent corruption in staff selection commission) #MainBhiBerozgar.”
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As the round progressed the underdog got a shot in the arm with @INCIndia, the official twitter handle of the Congress party, joined the #MainBhiBerozgar corner. Thereafter, amid rousing replies, retweets and likes on twitter, punches and counter-punches flew wildly. Here is a punch-by-punch account:

Unemployment is the most pressing issue of our time, crores of young people have no jobs & no hope under the current govt. Modi can try & distract them with political gimmicks but the youth of India have one thing to say #MainBhiBerozgar: @INCIndia.

Unemployment has a direct impact on inequality. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. 73% of wealth generated in 2017 went to the richest 1% Poorest 50% saw their *wealth* increase by only 1% Don’t be shocked. Do something about it! #MainBhiBerozgar: @SalmanSoz, member of congress party.
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Jobs are the single biggest crisis facing India’s youth. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. Workforce has shrunk by 4.7 Cr 3.7 Cr Casual Labourers have lost employment, 3 Cr are Farm Labourers [NSSO]… India’s says #MainBhiBerozgar, Chowkidar Stole Jobs!: @rachitseth, National media coordinator AICC.

In the no-holds-barred battle that ensued, some punches hit below the belt. “India’s youth aren’t your salespeople and neither are they your pakodawale Mr NoMo. #MainBhiBerozgar,” tweeted @IYC, the official twitter handle of the Youth wing of the Indian National Congress.

Dogged ‘chowkidars’ took it all on their chins and managed to land some impressive counter-punches that were ranked among the other leading twitter trends for the day. Take a look:

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It’s so heartening to see a HUGE crowd turned up to listen to the address by Hon PM Sri @narendramodi at Moran, Assam. #NorthEastforModi #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu #Assam4BJP: @himantabiswa, Assam Finance Minster.

Electrifying atmosphere at @BJP4India National President Shri @AmitShah’s road show. #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu: @BJP4Gujarat, the official twitter BJP Gujarat Pradesh.

But the ‘chowkidars’ were clearly outmatched. During the break before the next round @_YogendraYadav, National President of the political outfit Swaraj India was seen encouraging his protege. He tweeted: Well done @yuvahallabol…Please tweet with hashtag #MainBhiBerozgar.

The champion will be declared on May 23, till then the jury is out!


MiG-29 fighter aircraft and Apache helicopters of IAF conduct night patrolling on LAC.



Indian Air Force’s (IAF) MiG-29 fighter aircraft and Apache attack helicopter conducting night sorties at the forward bases near India-China border to keep an eye over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the aftermath of the Galwan Valley clashes between Indian and the Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh last month.

Amid tensions with China, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is carrying out night time combat air patrols over the Eastern Ladakh sector.

Team ANI reached a forward airbase near China border from where the Indian Air Force is carrying out intensive night operations involving its fighter aircraft including the MiG-29 and Sukhoi-30MKI along with its Apache attack helicopters and the Chinook heavy-lift helicopters.

Notwithstanding the strong winds and the chilling weather, the ground crew and pilots are flying using even very small windows when the wind speed is low.

Explaining the significance of night time operations, senior fighter pilot Group Captain A Rathi deployed at the forward base told ANI, “Night operations have an inherent element of surprise. Indian Air Force is fully trained and ready to undertake an entire spectrum of operations in any environment with the help of modern platforms and highly motivated personnel.”

At the forward airbase near China border where team ANI spent more than six hours till late in the night, the first to take off were the lethal Apache attack helicopters.

The pilots of the Apache choppers could be seen flying with their night vision goggles which allows them to navigate through the mountains around the airbase and the dark night.

The strong late evening winds at the airbase and the weather warning almost led to calling off the night sorties but around 10 PM everyone was back to their respective aircraft as the wind speed receded.

Soon after, the mighty Chinook choppers came out on the runway and hovered for some time adjusting to the wind speeds before taking off towards the eastern parts of Ladakh.

The Chinook with its high tech gadgets and navigation aids is fully ready for 24×7 operations and played a big role in transferring troops to the Line of Actual Control from rear locations.

Around 2300 hours, the late-night fighter aircraft operations started with the thundering noise of take-off of MiG-29 fighters which have been at the forefront of high-tempo operations after the hostilities broke out on the LAC.

With its after-burners employed, the high-speed take-off roared over the high mountains around the airbase.

Around the same time when the MiG-29s were taking off from the forward airbase, multiple air bases in the northern sector were activated from where fighter including the Mirage-2000, Su-30MKI and Jaguars took off towards different locations along the Line of Actual Control from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

Team ANI had shown the day time operations two days ago and the night time operational tempo was nothing less as well beyond midnight, the air warriors were active on the base.

“The motivation level of troops at the airbase is very high. The morale is very high like our motto Nabha Sparsham Deeptam (Touch the Sky with Glory),” Warrant Officer P Sharma told ANI.

The entire base with its flurry of activities is playing a crucial role in enhancing the combat preparedness of the country along the China border.

“This base plays a very important role in undertaking operations in this area. It is cleared for all contingencies and all combat and support operations to be undertaken in this area,” a Flight Lieutenant had told ANI on importance of the forward airfield.

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