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OMG: In this round of ‘Berozgars’ vs ‘Chowkidars’ colours of Modi shades-off in front of Rahul!



In the ongoing twitter bout between the giant killer ‘chowkidar’ and the challenger ‘berozgar”, the underdog challenger won the round on March 30. The ‘berozgars’ delivered a killer undercut with the their #MainBhiBerozgar punch that became number one national trend on twitter on Saturday. On their part, the ‘chowkidars’ did land some impressive punches – #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu, #NaMoforAssam, #NorthEastforModi #Gandhinagar etc – the other leading trends of the day.

The March 30 round started little after midnight. #MainBhiBerozgar landed the first punch at 1:13 am with @yuvahallabol, youth front of @_SwarajIndia, tweeting “Main hoon SSC me vyapt anniyammatta se pidit berozgar (I am a victim of the prevalent corruption in staff selection commission) #MainBhiBerozgar.”
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As the round progressed the underdog got a shot in the arm with @INCIndia, the official twitter handle of the Congress party, joined the #MainBhiBerozgar corner. Thereafter, amid rousing replies, retweets and likes on twitter, punches and counter-punches flew wildly. Here is a punch-by-punch account:

Unemployment is the most pressing issue of our time, crores of young people have no jobs & no hope under the current govt. Modi can try & distract them with political gimmicks but the youth of India have one thing to say #MainBhiBerozgar: @INCIndia.

Unemployment has a direct impact on inequality. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. 73% of wealth generated in 2017 went to the richest 1% Poorest 50% saw their *wealth* increase by only 1% Don’t be shocked. Do something about it! #MainBhiBerozgar: @SalmanSoz, member of congress party.
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Jobs are the single biggest crisis facing India’s youth. Unemployment is at a 45-year high. Workforce has shrunk by 4.7 Cr 3.7 Cr Casual Labourers have lost employment, 3 Cr are Farm Labourers [NSSO]… India’s says #MainBhiBerozgar, Chowkidar Stole Jobs!: @rachitseth, National media coordinator AICC.

In the no-holds-barred battle that ensued, some punches hit below the belt. “India’s youth aren’t your salespeople and neither are they your pakodawale Mr NoMo. #MainBhiBerozgar,” tweeted @IYC, the official twitter handle of the Youth wing of the Indian National Congress.

Dogged ‘chowkidars’ took it all on their chins and managed to land some impressive counter-punches that were ranked among the other leading twitter trends for the day. Take a look:

Image result for 'Berozgars' vs 'Chowkidars': Berozgars won the round

It’s so heartening to see a HUGE crowd turned up to listen to the address by Hon PM Sri @narendramodi at Moran, Assam. #NorthEastforModi #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu #Assam4BJP: @himantabiswa, Assam Finance Minster.

Electrifying atmosphere at @BJP4India National President Shri @AmitShah’s road show. #MainKamalKhilaneAyaHu: @BJP4Gujarat, the official twitter BJP Gujarat Pradesh.

But the ‘chowkidars’ were clearly outmatched. During the break before the next round @_YogendraYadav, National President of the political outfit Swaraj India was seen encouraging his protege. He tweeted: Well done @yuvahallabol…Please tweet with hashtag #MainBhiBerozgar.

The champion will be declared on May 23, till then the jury is out!

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Coronavirus: Precautions you need to take while travelling




New Delhi: With the novel coronavirus leading to over 100 fatalities in China, people need to be extra cautious while making their travel plans, be it an international conference abroad or a vacation.

While several organisations have started putting restrictions on the travel of their employees to China, there could still arise the need for you to travel to other countries. As the infection from the virus is spreading to other destinations as well, it would be better for travellers to be cautious.

“As there is no vaccinations available to prevent the spread of this virus, it is advisable to take certain precautions to prevent nCov (novel coronavirus),” Suranjeet Chatterjee, Senior Consultant in the Internal Medicine Department of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, said.

“Wash your hands often with soap and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, observe good personal hygiene and avoid contact with people with possible symptoms and avoid travel to areas where coronavirus infection has been reported,” Chatterjee said.

Experts in population mapping at the University of Southampton in Britain have identified cities and provinces within China, and cities and countries worldwide, which are at high-risk from the spread of the 2019-nCoV.

Bangkok (Thailand) is currently the city most at risk from a global spread of the virus – based on the number of air travellers predicted to arrive there from the worst affected cities in mainland China, according to a report by the university’s WorldPop team.

Hong Kong is second on the list, followed by Taipei. Sydney (12), New York (16) and London (19) are among the 30 other major international cities ranked in the research.

The most ‘at-risk’ countries or regions worldwide are Thailand (1), Japan (2) and Hong Kong (3). The US is placed 6th on the list, Australia 10th and the UK 17th.

Within China, the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing were all identified as high-risk by the researchers, along with the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Henan.

While much is yet to be known about the novel coronavirus in China’s Wuhan city, human-to-human transmission has been confirmed. Early studies have revealed that the virus can cause severe respiratory illness.

“So far, the main clinical signs and symptoms reported in this outbreak include fever, difficulty in breathing, and chest radiographs showing bilateral lung infiltrates. As of 27 January 2020, human-to-human transmission has been confirmed largely in Wuhan city, but also some other places in China and internationally,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“With the information currently available for the novel coronavirus, WHO advises that measures to limit the risk of exportation or importation of the disease should be implemented, without unnecessary restrictions on international traffic,” said the statement from WHO.

Talking of the precautions that one needs to take, Vaibhav Rohatgi, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Jaypee Hospital, Noida, said, “First of all if possible travel to China at this time should be avoided, unless it is very important.”

“For safety measures, wear masks, avoid crowded places, maintain basic hygiene and keep sanitising your hands, and avoid direct hand contact with eyes and nose.

“People with weak immunity are more prone to the risk of getting this infection, hence opt for healthy cooked food. This new coronavirus strain is rapidly spreading now in China and only prevention is the best cure,” Rohatgi said.

The WHO has advised that you should avoid travel if you have fever and cough.

“If you choose to wear a face mask, be sure to cover mouth and nose – avoid touching mask once it is on. Immediately discard single-use mask after every use and wash hands after removing masks,” said the advisory.

“Eat only well-cooked food, avoid spitting in public, avoid close contact and travel with animals that are sick,” it said, adding that if you become sick while travelling, it is important to seek medical care early.

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