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Gaurav Bhatia termed as new Sambit Patra for saying Congress’s leader to wear petticoat



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New Delhi: A video clip of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP’s) spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia suggested rival party Congress spokesperson Rohan Gupta to wear a petticoat and sit since, according to him, the latter was scared of his argument.

In the viral video, Bhatia is heard saying, “If you are so frightened, then go and wear a petticoat.” No sooner had he finished making the sexist slur, the show’s anchor Rubika Liyaquat angrily reacted and admonished the BJP spokesperson for making a sexist slur.

Liyaquat said, “Gaurav Bhatia what is this? What kind of language are you using? You will indulge in such theatrics on my show. What do you meany by ‘go and sit by wearing a petticoat.’ They are in the opposition. They have a right to ask you questions.”

Rubika also reminded how he had also disparagingly referred to opposition as a bed bug as she demanded an apology from him. But, an unfazed Bhatia refused to apologise for his sexist slur. She asked if she was not brave because she wore a petticoat.

Meanwhile, the video has evoked angry reactions from journalists and other social media users with many also hailing the anchor for rebuking Bhatia for his distasteful statement.

Well done @RubikaLiyaquat. So.proud of you. Gaurav has just lost it. He has disgraced the art of debating. Always. What a shame..— Abhisar Sharma (@abhisar_sharma) March 6, 2019


BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia compared with Sambit Patra for suggesting Cong spokesperson to wear petticoat:


The BJP spokesman @gauravbh slanders women/opposition saying: “Wear petticoat…” and doesn’t stop or apologise even after anchor objects to his abusive tirade.— TheAgeOfBananas (@iScrew) March 5, 2019

With this blatant sexist remark @gauravbh has shown he’s chosen the right party to be affiliated with: @BJP4India. The audacity with which he continued to speak over the anchor, without showing any remorse, pretty much sums up who he is & the kind of men the ruling party endorses— Prerna Bakshi (@bprerna) March 6, 2019

His critics have often likened him to another controversial BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who is also known for using derogatory terms while addressing his political rivals.

Reacting to the latest viral video, one user Chandan wrote, “New Sambit Patra.” User Jai Deep Chaudhary wrote, “Second… Patra is coming…”

Bhatia, who had joined the BJP after severing ties with the Samajwadi Party, is known for making objectionable comments targeting the opposition parties. In December, while taking part in a TV debate on India TV, he had sensationally addressed Congress President Rahul Gandhu as a ‘peon.’

His chaprasi (peon) remarks did not go down well with the Congress spokesperson, Ragini Nayak, who lost her cool and addressed Bhatia’s father as a peon. An angry Nayak had left the debate while repeatedly calling Bhatia’s father as chaprasi.



Vikas Dubey made Chambal ravines his hideout




Vikas Dubey, a history sheeter who brutally murdered eight policemen in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, is still far from being arrested by the police. Hundreds of police teams are looking for him. At the same time, SSB has also been alerted on the state’s border with Nepal but no clue is available.

Meanwhile, the former DGP of UP, Vikram Singh said that the way the last location of Vikas Dubey has been traced in Auraiya, then it is very likely that he has caught the path of Chambal’s rugged route through Etawah. Agra can be reached through the rugged interior. After reaching Agra, it becomes easy to enter MP and Rajasthan.

In the case of notorious criminals, it is often seen that due to the setting, it becomes difficult for the two state police to become a co-ordinator or the other state police conducts a search operation to show themselves, but the criminal is hiding there.

Significantly, in the Bikeru village of Chaubepur, Kanpur, a bloody encounter took place between the police and Vikas Dubey’s gang on Thursday – Friday night. The police team reached Vikas Dubey’s raid here. Here Vikas Dubey along with his gang attacked the police, in which eight soldiers were martyred.

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