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Effective Home Remedies For Glowing Skin That Really Work



Using home remedies is one of the best and most affordable ways of getting flawless skin as you can find most ingredients in your kitchen, suggest experts.

Gaurang Krishna, Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon and Consultant Dermatologist, Director, MedLinks, lists down some home care ingredients that are good for your skin:

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* Raw potato is a great skin brightener. Fine mash the potato and apply on your face as a pack and rinse after a few minutes with lukewarm water. Potato is excellent for treating under eye dark circles as well. Cut thin slices of potato and keep on your eyes for a few minutes. Regular use of this will give you a glowing skin.

* Turmeric consists of natural anti-oxidant, antiseptic and skin brightening properties. Applying a paste of turmeric will help remove tan and treat blemishes. Lemon is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, making it another excellent skin brightener, A paste made with curd as base and mixed with turmeric and lemon is excellent for removing tanning.

* People suffering from acne should use a homemade mask made with honey and cinnamon. This mask helps in reducing active acne. Apply fresh Aloe Vera pulp as it is a great moisturiser for acne prone dry skin.
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* Tomatoes help in shrinking pores. Mix tomato juice with a few drops of lemon and apply on your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Regular use of this will give you best results. Tomatoes also help in reducing blackheads. Massage your blackhead prone area with tomato slices to deal with blackheads.


Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson of Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, shares more tips:
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* Honey and milk can do wonders in bringing out a flawless glow which every woman craves for. Milk helps in preventing acne and moisturizes the skin well. People with sensitive skin can use face washes that contain no chemicals or paraben.

* Toning is also a very important part of the beauty regime as it helps in removal of remaining oil and dirt that is not cleansed away by a cleanser. Rose essential oil or rose water is one of the best toners out there, which is suitable for all skin types. Store it in a spray bottle and use it twice a day. It would help to soothe and calm the skin, balance ph levels, and help repair the skin’s elasticity.
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* For exfoliating oily skin, one can apply a mixture of sandalwood powder, orange peel, and fullers earth. Mix this and keep in a jar. Apply; leave it on for a minute or two. Massage for a minute and rinse it off. For a dry skin, damp your face with water, then mix oatmeal, almond, fresh cream, sandalwood, and massage this scrub cream gently and rinse off.

* The last step in the skin care routine is the application of a moisturizer. One should preferably use essential oils like tea tree and jojoba oil, which aid in masking imperfections and improve the texture of the skin. Tea tree oil should be used with carrier oil and should never be applied directly on the face. It helps in skin rejuvenation, hydration and protects the skin from becoming dull and pale.

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Is Sex Addiction Real? Read here




According to a new study, the number of people suffering from sex addiction is twice as high as previously thought. Sex is good but its addiction can lead you various ill-effects. The signs that a person is a sex-addict are following given below:


The number of people suffering from sex addiction is twice as high as previously thought, a study shows and it’s not just blokes who are desperate to get their end away – experts believe that apps like Tinder are causing the number of female sufferers to surge.

It was previously believed that only about one in 20 adults were unable to control their sexual urges, the majority of them being men. But new research shows the true figure is actually 1 in 10, with around half of them women.


Experts say women were previously expected to keep their sex drives under control. But a “more permissive” society means they no longer feel so judged for acting on their desires.

Apps feed this appetite for romps by offering instant access to thousands of single men. Boffins at the University of Minnesota quizzed 2,325 adults aged 18 to 50 on their sex lives.

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They found 1 in 10 men and 1 in 14 women suffer distress because they cannot control their sexual feelings, urges and behaviour. It means they are missing out on social activities or neglecting their work and health in pursuit of sex.

These signs completely show that you are suffering from sex addict:

1. Jumping from one relationship to the next or sleeping with/being involved with more than one person at a time

2. Sexualising stress/guilt/lonliness/anger/shame


3. Getting sexually or emotionally involved with people you don’t know well

4. Staying in and returning to destructive relationships

5. Confusing sexual attraction with love

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