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These features of Whatsapp that you must not have heard of



Nowadays, Whatsapp is most used messaging app in the world. It is leaving no stone unturned to make itself more interactive and expressive. In order to make it more attractive, Whatsapp installs many features everyday. Many of the users who keep a close eye on the app have already noticed these updates, there are chances that some users may have missed few updates. Today, we will tell you about those features of Whatsapp that you might be not knowing.

Video Calling feature
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Whatsapp has started a video calling feature. This feature has been brought to beta users of both Android and IOS. Right now, only a few users have it. According to the report, this feature is available on the Android platform for 2.18.145 version of WhatsApp and 2.18.52 for IOS device.

Chat filter feature
Image result for whatsappChat filter feature
This feature has been launched for the Android Business app. With this feature, you can easily find the admin message of Whatsapp Business Accounts. To use this feature, the admin has to tap only the search bar.

Share facebook post on Whatsapp
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Facebook launches new feature soon in  which users will be able to share Facebook post on Whatsapp. However, this feature is being used by beta version users only. For this, there are three options in the Share of Facebook app, which will show the options of Share Now, Right Post and WhatsApp, from which you can share your Facebook video and image by clicking Send in WhatsApp.

Request Account Information Report
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If Whatsapp has taken your data, then you can regain it. For this, go to Setting and send request in the Fair Account section. After this, Whatsapp will give you your data within three days, which can be downloaded.

Restrict Group Feature
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This feature allows only admin to send message in the group. Rest can read messages only. As long as the admin does not give permission, members can not send photos, videos or documents to the group. In addition, only admin will decide which subject and icon will be changed in the group.


Applying the calendar-picture in the wrong direction can cause this big loss




Vastu rules have very special importance in astrology. Vastu Shastra has certain rules regarding the photographs to be placed at home. We all like to put many types of photographs in many places in our homes. According to Vastushastra, the calendar and pictures in the house have a lot of importance in Vastushastra, the pictures in the house also have a great impact on the life of a person.

If the pictures taken in the house are directed in the right direction, then it has a positive effect in your life as well as positive energy, then if you put pictures or calendars in the wrong direction, then the flow of negative energy in your house Increases.

Family members photos

According to Vastu Shastra, photographs of family members should be placed in the north direction, east direction and north-east direction of the house. In Vastu Shastra, it is considered auspicious to place photographs of family members in these three directions. Applying a picture of family members in a direction other than north direction, east direction and north-east direction increases the flow of negative energy in the house. Along with this, it is not considered auspicious to put pictures of Lord’s fiery form or state of war in the house.

Right direction to put calendar

According to Vastu Shastra the calendar should not be placed on any door of the house in front or back. It is considered inauspicious. Doing so is not good for the age of family members. In most homes, people install a new calendar every year, out of which some people put a new calendar but they place a new calendar on the old calendar itself which should not be done. It is considered inauspicious to place old calendars in Vastushastra.

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