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Weird train number 22531 Chapra-Mathura Express runs 90 km in just 10 mins!-Aaj ki khabar



Lucknow: Attention all viewers, you guys must have experienced, seen or heard that Indian Railways trains running behind schedule or use to get late many time when you were about to begin your journey but today we will tell you one such weird experience of world’s one of biggest railway system which will let you in shocking state as train number 22531 Chapra-Mathura Express reached its next destination Barabanki which is about 90 km from Gonda in just 10 minutes on Wednesday. Now after this information reached among the officials of North-eastern and Northern Railways this caused ruckus among them after which the train was kept standing for two and a half hours at Barabanki station.Let us tell you all that the actual scheduled timing of this train on this particular stretch is about 1 hour 20 minutes to cover a distance of 90 kilometre.


Need of the hour is to manufacture sanitisers over deodorants – SALMAN KHAN




Salman took to Twitter, where he shared a video he said: “Ek brand launch kya hai haali main FRSH… Behetareen hai.. Pahele hum deodorants start Karne wale the… Lekin need of the hour yeh hai sanitisers start Karna. such dino ke baad (first we thought of brining out deodorants but the need of the hour is sanitisers).”

He captioned the video: “Launching my new grooming & personal care brand FRSH! @FrshGrooming Yeh hai aapka, mera, hum sabka brand jo layega aap tak behtareen products. Sanitizers aa chuke hain, jo milenge aapko yaha Toh try karo! @FrshGroomingko follow karo! #RahoFrshRahoSafe.”

According to Salman”s, a 100 ml bottle of sanitiser costs Rs 50 and a 500 ml bottle of sanitiser costs Rs 250. A combo pack of 10 bottled consisting of 100 ml costs Rs. 400.

People trapped in India can get permission to fly out this way


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