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Soon after death person can turn alive through Cryogenic preservation-Aaj ki khabar



Lucknow: As we all know that science is making progressing at its fastest speed in today’s world and it seems like that human being will consider itself like a god in near future. Now we are saying this to you all as recently scientists have disclosed that they were working on process which would help in humans to keep them alive as much as they want through a technology called Cryonics protection or Cryogenic preservation on which they are working on from more than 30-years. In-fact in countries like America and Rome some scientists have received absolute progress in keeping dead body of a human in a deep fridge.


‘India’s Most Wanted’ trailer out Arjun Kapoor on hunt of Osama-Bin-Laden



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Mumbai: The trailer of the upcoming film dropped today and it shows Arjun in a never seen before avatar. Donning the character of a covert national hero. In trailer Arjun Kapoor amazed us on-screen, but the actor is all set to turn the tables soon with his latest film ‘India’s Most Wanted’. Arjun leads a team of five members, who are not trained in any combat, nor does have any weapons or ground support to hunt down India’s most wanted terror operative.


Watch video of ‘India’s Most Wanted’ movie trailer:



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