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Now an injection will save dead body from getting destroyed!



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New Delhi: If time takes place in performing the funeral after the death, the family members of the deceased victim use to get worried about destroying of dead body. Especially, if it a matter of taking the dead body far away for crimination by taking it for long distance travel.



This is reason that’s why the relatives use to perform crimination of the body earlier in the matter related after post mortem. Now, they get rid of this problem as solution has been found by the experts.



The Delhi based forensic experts have taken out the solution of this problem. As they will now use Amambing therapy to save the dead body to get destroyed in future, it can be saved for some time. Till now this facility was so far available in All India Institution of Medical Science (AIIMS).




By injecting an injection in dead body it will save from getting destroyed:



Now this facility has been started at Lady Harding Medical College located at Connaught Place in the heart of national capital. The forensic specialists of the hospital believe that there are many types of bacteria inside the body which help body in forming nutrition when the person is alive.



But, these bacteria’s become inactive after death of a person and they started getting destroyed after some time when death occurred which resulted in destroying the body of a person.



According to Doctor Chowksey, a special type of injection is applied in the dead body which takes place of blood in the dead body after the death and that helps in saving the body from getting destroyed.



Careful! Are you consuming these things at night?




If you do not sleep at night, if you are tired by changing the movement, then you understand that there is something black in your food.

Say these foods by-by-

Drinking alcoholic beverages, caffeine and too much spicy should be avoided before sleeping at night. If you are also consuming these things then try to make a difference of two to four hours between the consumption of these things and your sleep.

Drinking coffee causes sleeplessness. If you drink a strong cup of coffee, then you can sleep for 2 hours.

Cornflakes have high amounts of sugar. If you eat it at night, it will not make you sleepy. Due to which you may have many problems including headache.

If you eat ice cream before bedtime, the sugar in it can increase the sugar level of your body and can also drop suddenly. If ice cream is mixed with caffeine, you may sleep.


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