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Andhra Minister dubs ‘Beer as Heath Drink’ on TV talk show – Aaj Ki Khabar



Andhra Pradesh Excise Minister K S Jawahar has termed beer to be a healthy drink. He said beer is healthier than other types of liquor because it has lesser percentage of alcohol, and therefore, the government should promote its consumption more than other forms of alcohol. “We cannot change people’s drinking habits but we can at least try to make available drinks that have less alcohol,” Jawahar said while participating in a talk show on a regional TV channel to discuss Andhra Pradesh’s new excise policy.


Uttar Pradesh : Know how to avoid corona virus easily by watching these fantastic videos




In order to avoid corona virus infection, we must use masks in public places. But remember, it is very important to wash the mask as soon as you get home.

Along with this, special attention is also to be taken for social distancing. Keep in mind, if you want to defeat Corona, you must definitely apply a mask.

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