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Typhoon Nock-Ten maintains intensity as it nears Philippines



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typhoon Nock Ten also known as nina

Manila: Typhoon Nock-Ten maintains its intensity as it approaches the eastern Philippines, where it is expected to make landfall later on Sunday and remain in the archipelago until Wednesday.

With sustained winds of 175 kph and gusts of 215 kph, the typhoon, known as Nina in the Philippines, was located 150 km the east of Catanduanes island in Bicol region, the country’s meteorological agency PAGASA said.At least 76,300 people have been temporarily relocated to sports venues and schools in the region that will be affected by the category-4 typhoon, graded second highest in the five-tier measurement system, Efe news reported.

The governor of Albay province said evacuation efforts were on and it could include the movement of up to a million people.Authorities have declared a state of alert in about a dozen provinces, where the passage of the typhoon is expected to cause heavy rainfall, The Inquirer newspaper reported.

An alert has also been issued regarding the possible rise in sea level by 2.5 metres — which poses a threat to the coastal localities of at least three provinces — as well as may cause floods and landslides.Thousands of people have had to postpone their Christmas travel plans by boat owing to the storm.

The typhoon, which according to its current course will pass near Manila, could affect operations at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport near the country’s capital, said the department of civil aviation.Nock-Ten is the third typhoon in the history of the country to hit the Philippines during Christmas time.


PM Modi gets thumbs up in Bihar even as Nitish remains unpopular




The C-Voter Bihar opinion poll survey shows that even though majority of the respondents in the state are unhappy with the performance of Nitish Kumar as Bihar Chief Minister, most of them are behind Narendra Modi and his performance as the Prime Minister.

When it was asked to the respondents to rate Modi’s performance, 48.8 per cent categorised it as ‘good’ while 21.9 per cent dubbed it as ‘average’. Only 29.2 per cent thought it to be ‘poor’.


This is contrasting in respect of what most respondents had to say about Nitish Kumar. To give a sense of the perspective, only 27.6 per cent of them thought Kumar’s performance as Bihar Chief Minister has been ‘good’. That is almost half of the approval rating of Modi. As many as 45.3 per cent think that Nitish Kumar has fared poorly as Chief Minister.

If the survey is anything to go by, the BJP seems to enjoy an upper hand and a position of negotiation in the alliance.

The current survey findings and projections are based on the IANS C-Voter daily tracking poll conducted in the last seven days among 18+ people statewide, including likely voters.

The fieldwork covers random probability sampling during the last seven days from the release date. The sample spread is across all Assembly segments in the poll-bound state. The measure of error is +/- 3 per cent at macro level and +/- 5 per cent at micro level with 95 per cent confidence interval.

The elections for the 243 Assembly seats in Bihar will take place in three phases between October 28 and November 7. The results will be announced on November 10.

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