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Turkey arrest 1,600 over internet comments in 6 months



Istanbul, turkey,internet, Turkish Interior Ministry, Turkey arrest,Istanbul:Turkish Interior Ministry said on Saturday that authorities arrested and remanded more than 1,600 people in the last six months for comments made on social media networks, the .According to a statement by the ministry, the detainees are accused of spreading provocations, hatred, praise to terrorist organisations, defamation or opinions against the territorial integrity and national security through social networks, among other crimes, Efe reports.

The note detailed that a total of 3,710 people were brought to trial during the last six months, while 1,656 of them have been remanded, another 1,203 released on parole, 84 are still in provisional detention and 767 released without charge.According to the statement, Turkish authorities have also increased their cooperation with numerous international internet institutions to improve the fight against terrorism.Although judicial verdicts were issued in the recent years due to opinions expressed on Twitter, there has been an increase in arrests after the two suicide bombings that hit Turkey during the last two weeks and were claimed by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons.

Some people had expressed in social networks that they were not sad, but even happy with the deaths of Turkish police and soldiers in these attacks, triggering waves of protests from other users


Australian Cricketer Cam Bancroft says that bowlers were aware about ball tampering during South Africa tour: Read here



Cricket Australia’s integrity unit has reached out to Cameron Bancroft to know if the pacer has any fresh information regarding the ball-tampering scandal that rocked the cricket world in 2018.

Bancroft created a fresh storm in Australian cricket by suggesting that more bowlers were aware about the plot that had led to one-year suspensions of then captain Steve Smith and his deputy David Warner.

Bancroft, who had the sandpaper in his possession, was suspended for nine months for his role in the ball tampering plot during the Cape Town Test.

Ben Oliver, Cricket Australia’s head of national teams, on Monday said that the integrity unit, which is currently headed by Rebecca Murray, had contacted Bancroft to know if there is anything else which he needs to add to his statement.

There was obviously a thorough investigation into that, to that incident. There were actions taken on the back of that and then since that time…,” Oliver was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

“I think we’ve maintained all the way through that if, if anyone had any new information relating to that incident that we’ve encouraged people to come forward and discuss that with our integrity unit.

Our integrity team have reached out to Cam again extending that invitation to him if he does have any, any new information. We’ll wait to see his response on that, we haven’t had had a response. But in saying that we’re operating on different time zones.”

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