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Females in red likely work as a turn-off for males
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Wednesday, Apr 18 2012 4:48PM IST
Females in red likely work as a turn-off for males
London: It is generally said that the colour red attracts one towards it. It is also said that people react faster and more forcefully when they see red colour. Mostly women also like to dress up in red colour on account of the common view that red colour adds to women's sexual temptation, but as per the recent study the colour red may actually work as a turn-off for most males.As per the reports, the researchers who performed the study found that the in comparison to other colours which were the part of the study, and among which there were no significant differences in rated attractiveness, the men rated the reddest colour significantly less fascinating.According to the reports, Sarah E. Johns who led the study said, "Our results really challenge the commonly held view that the colour red promotes sexual attractiveness by acting as a proxy for female genital colour."