Survivors of breast cancer, planning new aim tends to have good health

Survivors of breast cancer,  planning new aim tends to have good health

Toronto: The first and the foremost thing which we learn in our childhood days is to set our aim in life, it is taught by our elders that if we want to be successful in life then it’ quite necessary to focus on our aim, and we start to walk on the track but have you ever imagined what happens suddenly when our aim is distracted in the middle, now it can be due to anything like hardship or ailment in our life, life seems to shatter, negativity all where is seen, but there are people who fighting against all odds ultimately wins the race.As per the reports, Carsten Wrosch, a psychologist found that breast cancer survivors who had the capability to let go of old aims set earlier and set new goals showed an improved and better well-being. The researchers thought to encourage breast cancer survivors to become more active.The researchers started their study and asked the participants who were diagnosed with breast cancer to set new goals, meanwhile the researchers also observed self-reports of physical activity, sedentary activity, emotional well-being and daily physical symptoms such as nausea and pain.As per the research, it was observed as the pressure of unrealistic goals was removed, the quality of life got better and with that their level of physical activity also increased.

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