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Sleep is crucial for strengthening long-term memory..!
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Thursday, Mar 29 2012 4:05PM IST
Sleep is crucial for strengthening long-term memory..!
New Delhi: It is commonly said that for proper and good health sound sleep is very much necessary, even experts recommend that 7-8 hours sleep is must for healthy mind and brain, as per the recent study an improper sleep or disturbed sleep affects negatively on our health, moreover deliberately affecting our memory improvement which usually occurs with sound sleep at night, as per the reports.The researchers said, "Optimal overnight memory consolidation in humans requires a certain amount of sleep continuity independent of the total amount of sleep." It is very much known that for fresh mind and memory sleep is essential, therefore, in the recent study experts tried to find out whether these beneficial effects only arise after some minimum amount of unbroken sleep.The researchers performed their study analyzing learning, like people who did not have proper or continous sleep showed poorer performance in thefindings.