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Problems Of Dry Hair- Home Made Remedies To Get rid Of ..!!
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Monday, Feb 27 2012 3:57PM IST
Problems Of Dry Hair- Home Made Remedies To Get rid Of ..!!
Lucknow: Hairs play the most significant part in every one’s life as it attracts every eye. Every girl desires to get soft and detangled hair. Dryness is the biggest problem that most of the girl experience. Dry hair can make you loose confidence and look dull. So no need to worry about that now every girl by sitting at home can get lustrous and soft hair. Here are some home remedies to get rid of dry hair:•Shampoos: Always try to use mild shampoo or herbal shampoo as hard shampoo tends to brittle your hair making it dry and rough.•Oiling: It can make your hair soft and easily manageable. Boil curry leaves and coconut oil or the oil which is suitable to you, together for 3 minutes and keep this mixture for some days. Then apply it on the scalp and cover your head with warm towel. It will give nourishment to scalp and will make the hairs soft.•Aloe Vera: It is a natural product to overcome the dryness of hairs. Consume a glass of Aloe juice every morning it will nourish internal system of the body and hairs also. Try to use Aloe Vera hair gel, hair cream and shampoos are available in the market which will help to get rid of dryness.•Home Made Hair Pack: Mix almond oil or olive oil with egg yolk and apply it and leave it till it gets dry. It will reduce dryness naturally.• Drink Water: By drinking water you can stay away from many health related problems. As waste elements are stored in the body and it results in drying. Water helps in elevating it from the body and increases glow of the hair. So drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Moreover, drink juices and liquids as much you can.