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Performing exercise near coast benefits more.. !
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Saturday, Apr 21 2012 12:39PM IST
Performing exercise near coast benefits more.. !
London: Todays, sedentary life style is making us dull and inactive, resulting in poor health and unfit body, but is commonly said that doing regular exercise can help out to get the active lifestyle and fit body, yes its quite true that exercises are good for our good health, but do you know that performing exercises near coast or the countryside may help you out more to get its benefit in comparison to performing the exercise in any park.As per the reports, Katherine Ashbull studied the data of the people who had been to urban parks, the landscape and the coast, they found that all outdoor locations were bonded with optimistic feelings like having enjoyment and sense of refreshment. On the other hand but people who visited to the coast were most advantageous in comparison to the people who visited the urban parks least beneficial.Therefore, it could be said the natural environments possess good influence on people to grab good health ad fitness.