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Pakistan: Relatives of air-crash victims arrive in Islamabad
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Saturday, Apr 21 2012 1:48PM IST
Pakistan: Relatives of air-crash victims arrive in Islamabad
Islamabad: In a tragic incident, a Pakistani plane which crashed with 127 passengers near Islamabad international airport, with no hope of the survivors, as per the reports.As per the reports, on Saturday, a special plane carrying the relatives of air-crash victims from Karachi has landed in Islamabad.According to the sources, the Pakistan International Airlines provided this service.According to the reports, the B4-213 was coming from the port city of Karachi to Pakistan’s capital-Islamabad when it crashed into a residential area.As per the reports, the ill-fated flight plane took off at 5 pm from Karachi and which was reportedly supposed to land in Pakistan's capital city-Islamabad at 6.50 pm, but the ill-fated plane crashed 6.40pm, just 10 minutes before landing.According to the sources the reason behind the plane crash is said to be bad weather most probably.Eyewitnesses said the plane was already in flames when it was coming down.According to the reports, there were 118 passengers and nine crew on-board. On the other hand, some say there were 130 people on board.As per the reports, the plane was struck by thunder storm and heavy rain.