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Importance Of Salads In Our Diets!
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Saturday, Mar 31 2012 3:22PM IST
Importance Of Salads In Our Diets!
Lucknow: Diets plays an important role in our fit and good health , proper and health diet is recommended by the doctors. Moreover, oily and junk food is also said to avoid. Generally we opt for the food which seems to look good to your eyes and tongue. We just ignore healthy food which tends to be beneficial for health like fruits and salads. Talking about salads it plays the vital role in our meals. Although according to the survey the intake of salads is quite low in our country. Infact, as per the reports only 2 percent of the masses of the country add salad in their diets. Now its not necessary for you to be proper vegetarian or proper non-vegetarian for eating salad. It can go for any of the two types.Types of salads:•Vegetable salads•Fruit salad•Green salad•Dessert saladAlthough there are some points before eating salad like: •Wash the ingredients properly before cutting, chopping or grinding.•Make it sure that the fruits or vegetables are fresh.•Never use stale or salad which was kept opened for quite sometimes.Therefore, from nowonwards make it a point to add salad platter in your respective meals to keep you fit and healthy.