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Impact of stress tends to impose heavier burden on females' heart
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 2:35PM IST
Impact of stress tends to impose heavier burden on females' heart
Washington: It is quite commonly known that women are more tender and delicate, no matter how hard they are from their professional attitude or the other, as per the recent study it has been revealed that emotional disturbances tends to play a negative impact on women's hearts rather than men's, as per the reports. According to the reports, the researchers who performed their study and analysed that coronary (heart related) blood flow actually increases in men during mental stress, however in the case of the females it remains unchanged.According to the reports, the researchers analysed the effects of mental stress on blood flow through the heart.The researchers performed their studies done in various steps and found in the conclusion that under the impact of stress the males showed an increase in coronary vascular conductance.On the other hand, no change were observed in the females.This unparallel feature of the difference could prompt females to the heart related problem while undergoing the stress circumstances, as per the researchers.