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Higher chances of diabetes likely linked with chemicals in plastic: Study
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Saturday, Apr 14 2012 12:10PM IST
Higher chances of diabetes likely linked with chemicals in plastic: Study
London: Diabetes is becoming the major problem worldwide. Diabetes is perhaps a world-wide serious problem that has become a threat for many individuals. There are various factors responsible for the diabetes like hectic lifestyle, improper diets and etc. People day by day are getting prone to this chronic disease which is marked by high or low levels of sugar in the blood. The recent study reveals that phthalates, which is known as a chemicals , likely plays the key role in having higher risks of developing diabetes, as per the reports.Symptoms of Diabetes: - Blurring of vision can be noticed due to cataract.- Person will experience a blind or black spots in the field of vision.- Dark spots in one or both of the eye, indicates bleeding.- Changes occur in refractive error due to rapid shift in blood sugar.According to the sources, this chemical which is known as phthalates is present in plastics, cosmetics and toys.According to the study, it has been found that modest level of the chemicals in people’s blood are twice as likely to develop diabetes. The researcher, performed the study, taking the factors known to cause type 2 diabetes, including obesity and high cholesterol, the researchers found people with higher levels of phthalates were more likely to develop diabetes.As per the reports, Monica Lind, associate professor of environmental medicine, "We have done other studies into the effects of phthalates and discovered people exposed to them have a higher risk of obesity. On a study we did last year, we found pesticides and those kinds of substances gave people a higher risk of obesity and osteoporosis. " As per the report, Phthalates are used as a softening agent in plastics.However, they can be used in cosmetics such as self-tan and perfumes, as per the reports.