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Eating together with family lowers obesity risk in kids
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 11:48AM IST
Eating together with family lowers obesity risk in kids
London: Obesity is becoming the world-wide problem, whether talking about elders or talking about children no obesity is hitting in the way or the other, todays, hectic lifestyle is playing a negative impact on our health, improper diet, dullness in life tends to make us obese. Even kids are getting rapidly obese these days. We look for different ways to get rid off the obesity, parents look for various ways to help out their child from the obesity, as per the recent study, it has been found that having family meals together tempts kids to eat more fruits and vegetables which tends to help them lessen down their obesity, as per the reports.According to the reports, Jennifer Martin-Biggers, "People who have more frequent family meals tend to have better diets. Children in such families also tended to do better at school." As per the reports, the researchers analysed in their study that the eating together in the family is quite beneficial from health point of view as it induces one to proper meals, moreover, tempts to eat fruits, vegetables fibre, calcium-rich foods, and vitamins which all has its own benefits.Todays. hectic lifestyle have changed many trends like eating together in family, or frequent family together, however having lunch or dinner in family is very much beneficial simultaneously as it is beneficial for your health also and moreover, it is keeping you emotionally attached to your family.