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Cleaning space junk might be possible: Expert
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Mayank Kumar  | Thursday, Apr 19 2012 8:25PM IST
Cleaning space junk might be possible: Expert
Washington: After the expert examination concerning the space junk, they revealed, “Deploying self-replicating robots or exobots in space explorations could be the only way to find extraterrestrial life and clean up space junk.”"Developing and deploying self-replicating robotic space crafts with incumbent communication systems is the only way to efficiently explore the asteroid belt, " said John D. Mathews, professor of electrical engineering at Penn State University."The basic premise is that human space explorations must be highly efficient, cost effective and autonomous, as placing humans beyond low Earth orbit is fraught with political, economic and technical difficulties, " Mathews was quoted as saying by the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. "If aliens are out there, they may have the same problems as we have -- they need to conserve resources, are subjected to the laws of physics and they may not even be eager to meet us, " according to Mathews, said a Penn statement. Mathews predicts that any extraterrestrial life always follow the similar path to the stars, sending robots rather than living beings, which would explain why SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligent), which is now in its 50th year, has not succeeded to date."If they are like us, they too have a dysfunctional government and all the other problems plaguing us, " said Mathews. "They may not want to spend a lot to communicate with us."“It is extremely difficult to broadcast into the galaxy as it requires vast resources. Radio signals need to emanate in every direction to fill the sky, and the energy requirement to broadcast throughout space is quite high, ” said Mathews.