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China induces tourist train to North Koria
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Mayank Kumar  | Sunday, Apr 29 2012 1:55PM IST
China induces tourist train to North Koria
Beijing: Technology giant China has launched a tourist train which will nations northeastern Tumen county and the picturesque Chilbo mountain in neighbouring North Korea.This tourist train would be carrying65 Chinese tourists chugged into North Korea Saturday on its first trip. The tourists will spend the next three days in that country, said Zhao Renjie, deputy director of Tumen Municipal Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Tourism.Chinese tourists will now be able to visit the Mount Chilbo, the Chongjin city, capital of North korean province of Hamgyong and the hot spring spas in Kyongsong county.The train will make one round trip between Tumen in China and Namyang in North Korea every week as part of Beijing’s efforts to promote cultural exchanges, Xinhua reported.