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Bangaru Laxman pleads for leniency on health grounds
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Saturday, Apr 28 2012 1:40PM IST
Bangaru Laxman pleads for leniency on health grounds
New Delhi: In a fake defence deal case, for accepting a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh, on Friday the former BJP chief Bangaru Laxman who has been convicted, has asked for a minimum punishment on Saturday, as per the reports. As per the reports, a 72-year-old sought leniency on health grounds.Moreover, he said that he had undergone by-pass surgery twice and is a first time offender.On the other hand, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI ) has asked for maximum punishment of five years for Laxman.According to the reports, BJP president Bangaru Laxman was convicted by the Delhi court on Friday, for taking a Rs one lakh bribe to push a defence deal.As per the reports, the on-camera Tehelka sting operation took place 11 years ago, forcing Laxman to surrender his post.He was BJP President at that times, as per the reports. According to the sources, he is convicted under Section 9 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.