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Anti-depressants seemingly turning harmful..!
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Rahila Siddiqui  | Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 4:18PM IST
Anti-depressants seemingly turning harmful..!
Toronto: Anti-depressants which are potentially made to ease depression and anxiety, it also controls the mood. It is also said that when depression is severe, medication can be helpful, sometimes it is said to be life saving also, but as per the new study, the common anti-depressants seemingly being harmful to the patients rather than doing good, as per the reports. According to the reports, the experts found that anti-depressants have harmful affects on all methods which are normally controlled by serotonin in the body.As per the reports, the experts found that anti-depressants have adverse effects on all processes normally regulated by serotonin in the body.Paul Andrews, who led the study, "We need to be much more cautious about the widespread use of these drugs." As per the reports, the effect caused by it is said to be premature death in elderly patients.According to the reports, the adverse affect consists indigestion, bloating, abnormal bleeding, heart ailments in the elderly, developmental problems in infants and many more.