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Rakhi Sawant to play a lead role in the remake of The Dirty Picture
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Abhayank Tiwari  | Sunday, Apr 29 2012 7:28PM IST
Rakhi Sawant to play a lead role in the remake of The Dirty Picture
Mumbai: The blockbuster movie of 2011, The Dirty Picture which had rocked the nation with its Ooh La La song will be returning soon but this time it will head to Kolkata. The movie which had raised the demand of Vidya Balan among the youngsters will be remade in Bengali.As per the information, Rakhi Sawant has been signed for a lead role in a Bengali version of The Dirty Picture. Previosuly, it was said that Anushka Shetty is going to play a lead role for the movie.After contacting Rakhi, she said, “Vidya Balan hasn’t done anything in The Dirty Picture. I will do better and hotter scenes in the Bengali remake. Even Vidya will be surprised after seeing my character. I will be better than her. The sari is meant to be taken off in films, not worn. Films become a hit because of this, not because of stars.” Apart from Rakhi Sawant and the director, nothing has been finalized for the movie. She says, “The remake will be directed by Shatabdi Roy, a member of Parliament who is as big as Amitabh, Jaya Bachchan or Rekha in Bengal. I got the role because of an item song I recently did in the Bengali movie titled Om Shanti. The song is very popular in Bengal right now.” Tapas Paul, who is a Member of Parliament and a former actor, is producing the film. Tapas says, “We met Rakhi in Delhi recently and liked her item song in Om Shanti. Although we are 100 per cent sure about Rakhi playing the lead, negotiations are on for the male lead. Since The Dirty Picture can’t be completely remade, we have decided to make the Bengali version more like a sequel.”