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Show “boldness” in decision making: PM
Tags : Manmohan Singh,Civil Services Day,no witch hunting
Gaurav Chhabra  | Saturday, Apr 21 2012 7:41PM IST
Show “boldness” in decision making: PM
New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today asked civil servants to show “boldness” in decision making, in skirmishing the charge of policy paralysis in the government.He also assured that there will be “no witch hunting” in fighting with corruption.The occasion was of Civil Services Day where Manmohan Singh told the bureaucrats to battle the propensity of not taking decisions with the thinking that it might not be correct.Prime Minister stated: “It should be our endeavour that there is no witch hunting in the name of fighting corruption. It is our government’s commitment to put in place a system and create an environment in which our civil servants are encouraged to be decisive, and no one is harassed for bonafide mistakes of errors of judgement.”