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How will I respect Parliament of present days: Kejriwal
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Gaurav Chhabra  | Friday, Mar 30 2012 10:17PM IST
How will I respect Parliament of present days: Kejriwal
Ghaziabad: Replying to privileged notice on him for "insulting" Parliament, Arvind Kejrival has said that he can respect the institution until there will be a single MP with "criminal background".Arvind alleged that each party is responsible for making parliament murky as 162 MPs with criminal background have managed to get into it.Kejrival said in a Letter, "There was a Parliament in which Lal Bahadur Shastri resigned (from the post of railway minister) following a train accident. I would like to sacrifice anything for such a Parliament but how will I respect Parliament of present days."Arvind also charged on industrialist who managed to get in without any public service with the help of several parties.Arvind asked, "They enter Parliament to further their business interest. If this is not misuse of Parliament, if this is not insult to Parliament then what is it?"