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BRICS: Not bound by "unilateral" on Iran
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Gaurav Chhabra  | Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 10:04PM IST
BRICS: Not bound by
New Delhi: South African trade minister has said that BRICS group of countries have agreed that they are not bound by "unilateral" sanctions on Iran.BRICS group of countries are comprises of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. A meet of BRICS was held at New Delhi to discuss over the Western pressure to cut crude imports from Iran in order to suspend Tehran's suspected nuke program.Biggest buyers of Iran's crude oil are China and India as they need to sustain their economic growth as world's fastest-growing major economies.After a meeting of BRICS trade ministers, Rob Davies said, "I think that we all broadly agree with the proposal, the terminology that was made, that if there are U.N. Security Council sanctions then we are all bound by that, but if there are sanctions that are imposed by other countries unilaterally, they shouldn't have to apply to us."Trade ministers of China and India have announced that despite of pressure from US they would maintain economic ties with Tehran.